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Dec. 18, 2007 at 12:04am

Hanna Heights Offering Rental Deals

Prium is now officially leasing Hanna Heights at  6th & Fawcett.

I stopped in there the weekend before last.  $1100 per month for 1 bedroom 1 bath units.  However, their rental agent indicated that they will give 1 month free and spread the payments over the term of the 1 year lease.

Without much advertising, they are being leased out at about 2 per week.  However, now I see that they are being listed in a number of places.

That means, the monthly rent is reduced to (1100 x 11)/12 = $1008.33 per month. 

Pretty good deal considering that Prium ripped out some of the original finishings to upgrade them for condo sales earlier.  This is a far superior "apartment" than a regular sheetrocked apartment one finds in other parts of the city. 

Prime location, a balcony, a view and a workout room in a new place.  Get a room mate and you are living for cheap in a place that was meant for someone with considerable means.

There are relatively big too.  The smallest unit is 854 sq ft.

If there is a better value offered downtown, I would like to see it.  I am sure downtown Realtor Jacob Rose would tell us if there were. 

Apartment Guide listing with Hanna Heights.

Here's the floor layout of the smallest space:

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by Erik on 12/29/2007 @ 5:01pm
The TNT is reporting that on 12/28/2007, one third of the units have already been leased.

by Erik on 12/29/2007 @ 5:05pm
I fixed the effective lease rate for Hanna Heights. It works out to $1008.33 per month, not $1088.33.

by Jake on 12/29/2007 @ 5:43pm
I am curious about the utilities for the rentals. Do you just pay the normal electric bill? Or do you pay water too?