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Jan. 1, 2008 at 12:12am

Happy New Year Tacoma! 2007 Progress and a Look Toward 2008

Happy New Year Tacoma!

2007:  Things happened in 2007.  Progress was made breathing life into our fare city we that we can be proud of.  Blight was removed.  A number of buildings were renovated.  Parties and events were held. 

Coffee was brewed and the restaurant scene continued to expand and smother any reason left to drive to Seattle for a meal.  More people choose to live and work downtown.  The blogosphere expanded.  Downtown and many neighborhoods were enjoyed by many.  Politicians were elected with big expectations.  Cartoons were drawn.

2008:  Here's where we are at now: 54 years after the Tacoma Mall opened.  58 years after the Tacoma Narrows Bridge was built.

35 years have passed since Downtown Tacoma was nearly abandoned altogether.

18 years since the founding of UWT.

So much potential.  Yet, so many set backs.  So much progress made and so far to go.  Dozens of projects remain in the balance.

You can do it Tacoma.  Brush yourself off and rise to the challenge.

Enough of the rhetoric.  Tacoma's resident poet channelled through Tacoma's resident cartoonist can say and show it better:







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