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Aug. 1, 2008 at 12:35am

Legendary T. Haggarty To Film Chalk Off *Slam* Today

Banner by Stowe

Today is Frost Park Chalk Off Friday noon at 9th and Pacific Avenue in Downtown Tacoma.  Everyone is welcome to participate, eat lunch or just socialize.

Episode XVII: Week 17

Will Teddy Haggarty Film Frost Park Chalking Today?

RR Anderson's Message to Tacomas.  Artists Especially:

Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

That's a gentleman's agreement preventing any two companies from making the same product claim in an advertisement. But the side effects of media campaigns are often elusive because the people who see and hear these messages do not see and hear them in the same context as the people who devised them.  The audience responds to the message in the context of their own lives and problems...

Friday, 12 Noon - 1PM
Larry Frost Memorial Park
9th & Commerce







  ...ONLINE VOTING BEGINS on feedtacoma.com



Corporate Sponsorship

Troy Wagner from Armstrong Roofing, his sod roof and his goat.

Chalk Challenge No. 17  is made possible through charitable donation of $100 Coupon to Pacific Grill COURTESY OF TROY WAGNER OF ARMSTRONG ROOFING! who is the BEST ROOFER IN TACOMA BY ANY STANDARD. This man has built a garden oasis where a asphalt shingle roof ought to be. This man is capturing 250 gallons of ILLICIT RAIN WATER AT THIS VERY SECOND with LITTLE REGARD FOR  HIS OWN REPUTATION!   If you need a roofer, then this is the man for you.  I need to repair the roof on my shop. Now who do you think I'm going to call now?  Not those other roofing fools, no way. 

Official Rules (for entertainment purposes only)

get pumped, visit FeedTacoma.com's TACOMA URBANIST.

* * * N00B SPOILE R ALERT * * * 


  1. Andrea "LupinGoddess" Trenbeath Lowen

  2. RR Anderson (Sponsored by Erik Bjornson Attorney at Law: Military Divorce Specialist)

  3. Life of Elle  (sponsored by Puget Sound Pizza)

  4. James Stowe (sponsored by EMBELLISH SALON)
  5. Andrea "LupinGoddess" Trenbeath Lowen (sponsored by THE RED HOT) 

  6. James Stowe (sponsored by BRICK & MORTAR EXECUTIVE CONDO SUITES )
  7. RR Anderson (sponsored by CORINA BAKERY + BISTRO)
  8. Mr. Lance Kagey of Beautiful Angel (sponsored by Hilltop Glass Artists, John Hathaway)
  9. James Stowe (sponsored by URBAN XCHANGE HIPSTER APPAREL )
  10. Andrea "LupinGoddess" Trenbeath Lowen (sponsored by Jim McIntire's campaign for state treasurer )

  11. Dawn & Ariel (sponsored by buzzards cd's + Stadium Video )
  12. Andrea "LupinGoddess" Trenbeath Lowen (sponsored by India Mahal)
  13. Life of Ellle (The Lost Chalk Episode)
  14. PAID Chalk Ringers Chelsey and Kelly (sponsored by Tacoma Art Place)

  15. Dawn (sponsored by The Helm Gallery)
  16. J. "The Prince of Chalk" Stowe (sponsored by Herban Cafe)
  17.                 your name here                ??

 Honorable Mention

  1. Dave L
  2. Laura Hanan
  3. Jeremy aka "The Garfield Kid"
  4. Dawn
  5. Mark Monlux

Rules for Chalk Art Contest:

We are making them up as we go.  However, the contest starts at 12:00 noon and ends at 1:00 p.m.  There are other rules in the official chalk off rulebook.

Feel free to post any pictures of the chalk art work below in this post or link to pictures or picture sets including close up shots that may make your favored piece look better or your opponents look worse.

Voting For Chalk Art Submissions (Revised)

Please vote for the chalk art entry you believe is the best in the comment section below.  Explaining why you believe the piece is the best will add considerable context and meaning to your vote.

No doubt you will have friends and acquaintances who are in the contest.  Do your best to be as objective as you can in your analysis of the chalk submissions which will strengthen the participatory voting system in place.
Frost Park Challengers are encouraged to vote as well for an additional perspective to the event.
Each person gets one vote.  Votes will be accepted until midnight on Friday after which the winner will be declared.  Votes will be accepted starting at 1:00 p.m.
Please use the word "vote" for easy reference to the chalk submission that you believe is the best.

Frost Park Chalk Off Scoreboard (Synopsis of Episodes I - XII)

Frost Park Chalk Off Rule Book


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by Erik on 8/1/2008 @ 1:11am
More playing cards by Stowe released.

Ok. I want the whole set now.

"Hologram Cosmonaut Stowe and his astronaut fat pants"

(babies love her, she is like baby crack)


by izenmania on 8/1/2008 @ 8:09am
Something in the combination of the Red Dwarf reference and the tiny Adam shaking his fist from behind the moon makes that one awesome.

by jamesstoweart on 8/1/2008 @ 8:44am
If it wasn't for a mutual love of Red Dwarf I don't think my wife and I would have ever been together. One of the Top Ten best shows ever.

Also, I told a few people that I was going to do another audience participation thing this week... but with the weather I don't think I am going to subject people to that. Instead I am going to do a quick retrospective...

A retrospective of what? You'll have to brave the drizzle to find out.

by NineInchNachos on 8/1/2008 @ 10:35am
your space suit even has mark monlux style chalking knee padsI

by Erik on 8/1/2008 @ 11:49am
Right now its completely dry downtown.

There look to be some people in red vests around Frost Park. Can't tell if they are with a film crew, the city or what.


by tacomachickadee on 8/1/2008 @ 1:41pm
Sky was dry ... but not the grass. Why oh why did I kneel in the grass to chalk. Still soaked. :)

by Erik on 8/1/2008 @ 1:52pm
Great to see Teddy Haggarty and his film crew at Frost Park today. They took a ton of footage and will apparently be putting it together for the Tacoma Film Festival. Can't wait to see it.

The chalking intensity at the main wall reached an all time high with spectators, chalkies and the film crew all in a pretty small space.

Here were some scenes:

Card trading:

More at:


by dawntown on 8/1/2008 @ 1:54pm
Looks like Andrea and Stowe are the only chalkers we have. Hmm, funny...

by Erik on 8/1/2008 @ 2:09pm
Here's some more:


Dawn again. Detail shot

Dawn in action:

Unknown Russell Investment chalk contestant:

Media Frenzy

Teddy making the film front and center of the chalking frey:

Here's Dave L. and Teddy's film crew:


Thanks Teddy for coming to Frost Park. We look forward to the film that is produced. Nice work Dave L. in letting Teddy know what was happening downtown.

I will post the chalk entries later tonight. I will let the pros post the first couple of sets.

by dawntown on 8/1/2008 @ 2:20pm

by Erik on 8/1/2008 @ 2:22pm

Voting continues until midnight tonight

All of the entries should be here:


Looks like Andrea and Stowe are the only chalkers we have. Hmm, funny...

Most of the pictures I posted were of Teddy and his crew and he did end up being on 9th most of the time. The chalk sets will come out later.

by MarkMonlux on 8/1/2008 @ 2:32pm
As always it was a lot of fun participating in the Frost Park Chalk Challenge. I've been wanting to come down the last couple of weeks to get this design out of my head. It's just been sitting there saying draw me! Put me on pavement! If you do, you will win! And Stowe will make you a celebrity on one of his fantastic playing cards.

I'm just dying to be on one of his trading cards. So, when you see TIKI WATERS, vote for me! I do!

p.s. Stowe's work is excellent as always.

p.p.s. But still vote for me!

by jane on 8/1/2008 @ 2:57pm
The tiki god is my favorite!!

by Lance Kagey on 8/1/2008 @ 3:17pm
I VOTE FOR MARK MONLUX and his tiki fish flood.

Nice work Mark.

by D2 on 8/1/2008 @ 3:19pm
Very Nicely done. Sharp detail for chalk, well thought out. Rich in color and details. I give this one a 9. I would have liked to see it bigger.

by intacoma on 8/1/2008 @ 3:54pm
I vote for the penis party

by Adam the Alien on 8/1/2008 @ 3:55pm
So, I only just realized I misspelled Haggarty. Wish someone had told me while I could have fixed it...

by intacoma on 8/1/2008 @ 4:01pm
just go back and do the MS word red squiggles

by Darkain on 8/1/2008 @ 4:09pm
Darkain's August 1st Photos

Some people also asked me about photos from previous meets. You can see all of the galleries from this page: Darkain.com/gallery/

by MarkMonlux on 8/1/2008 @ 4:26pm
Nice photos Darkain.

by Erik on 8/1/2008 @ 4:33pm
Wow. You have some nice ones in there Darkain!


by jamesstoweart on 8/1/2008 @ 4:42pm

I don't think anyone has posted a shot of that one yet... and it is really good.

I want to thank everyone that sat for me today and help we chalk. It was a lot of fun.

This week's voting is tough.

I am a sucker for zombie moobs... and Dawn knows it too.

But I am also a sucker for blatant self promotion and pleas for trading card immortalization.

Soooo torn.

I'll be back later to decide.

by scout on 8/1/2008 @ 5:34pm
I'm torn - Gaucho, Zombie, and the Russell Investment Chalkie (RIC) newbie's baby are my favorites.

Is the Tacoma connection still an element of the competition? Assuming yes, I must choose Gaucho. Not only because of the Tacoma connection, but because of its unnerving ferocity. I want some!

Zombie is a close second 'cause it kinda looks like me naked.

And RIC's baby is a sentimental favorite because it is done by an emerging artist who had the guts to step up and participate in the nascent Tacoma art scene. Expect more from this exciting new talent!

by NineInchNachos on 8/1/2008 @ 5:38pm
Adam the alien with the film maker discovery piece,
dawn of the dead..
Stowe with the amazing idea of chalk portrait caricaturist all highly interesting pieces.

I vote for MARK MONLUX ! The barfing salmon tiki !

by NineInchNachos on 8/1/2008 @ 5:59pm

Ms. Darcy Dislikes Zombies

Mark Monlux, Tiki Fish Spew

Adam the Alien

Tacoma Chickadee

Lance's Rod Sterling?

Stowe Portraits in Chalk

Andrea's The Goucho

Red Hot Heart Valves

Ms. Darcy Dislikes Zombies

by Mandiferous on 8/1/2008 @ 6:02pm
Gah! I hate missing Fridays in the park! Stupid far away mechanic.

Gonna have to vote for Monlux. I was missing his tikis in the worst way.

by NineInchNachos on 8/1/2008 @ 6:04pm
hurray for MARK MONLUX the man in yellow!

by NineInchNachos on 8/1/2008 @ 6:05pm
they say yellow is a power color

by NineInchNachos on 8/1/2008 @ 6:07pm
even so if you zoom in on those pics of my wife scoping out the dawn's zombie piece you can see her look of disgust. It's cute!

by Erik on 8/1/2008 @ 6:14pm
Thanks RR or posting the first full photo set and you were not even there.

I am glad to hear that Andrea was finally able to go to El Gauchos, live it up, and use her winning certificates from an earlier Frost Park Episode and from her victory in Out in the Park. The spoils of victory.

Thanks Stowe for making all of the portraits. What fun. I am glad I sat down for one.

No doubt the El Gaucho piece is going to be used for something in the future. Looks like a great new brand campaign for them. Perhaps they will use it for the front of their menus like Pink Cookie Lady.

Dawn's zombie is cool and is topped off well with the list.

I can't say I am a big Tiki fan. But this Tiki is about the best ever.

by KevinFreitas on 8/1/2008 @ 6:19pm
Here's my set of pics from the day:

Water on Mars by Kevin & Sarah

Baby Flower by Tyme

by Tacoma Chickadee

by Stowe

by Lance

by Andrea

by Mark

by Adam

by Dawn

Now to figure out my vote...

by Erik on 8/1/2008 @ 6:27pm
Great photos Kevin.

I love this one which really captures the drama of the chalking, film, and spectator scene today:


by pietogo on 8/1/2008 @ 6:33pm
I loved Lance Kagey's mystery man, it is so colorful. But I have to say Mark Monlux's Tiki Fish Flood is stupendous.

I vote for Mark. Beeee-autiful.

by Lance Kagey on 8/1/2008 @ 6:43pm
It looks like Mark is heading for a landslide..


I vote for Mark...oh wait, I already voted for Mark. Well make sure you count my vote.

by Lance Kagey on 8/1/2008 @ 6:44pm

by MarkMonlux on 8/1/2008 @ 6:52pm
Woo Hoo!

by KevinFreitas on 8/1/2008 @ 6:54pm
Anyone else see this in this week's Volcano? Complete garbage.

by WaywardScooterGirl on 8/1/2008 @ 7:50pm
The Volcano's piece on Frost Park flat out pissed me off! What drivel...Are there EVER any Volcano representative's at Frost Park Chalk Off? Somehow they've completely missed the intent.

I'd vote for myself, but someone called my piece a penis party... :-(

My vote's gotta go for the Tiki...love the salmon.

by jenyum on 8/1/2008 @ 7:57pm
The Volcano thing.

Yeah, I'm pissed.

Anyway, I vote for Dawn because hey, zombies! Actually, it's awesome and it really pops on film, but I don't have a pic because I just sent it to......the Volcano.

I'm going out, now.

Honorable mention to Joseph, the newcomer of giant pink baby fame. I'm kind of afraid it's going to eat me, but it was a pretty cool accomplishment for having just stumbled on the event and decided to start drawing.

by ALT on 8/1/2008 @ 8:05pm
I vote for Marky Mark and his Funky Fish. Supreme color saturation and great movement!

by NineInchNachos on 8/1/2008 @ 8:21pm
yes. yes. vote for Mark! The Man in the Yellow Hat! mark monlux

by dawntown on 8/1/2008 @ 8:25pm
Ha, if Ms. Darcy was disgusted with it, then it worked! That was my first zombie EVER! And my first vote from Tacomama, too. I couldn't have done it without the help from all of my zombie afficionado friends.

BTW, Maximillian said he LOVED it. At least that's what he told me.

Hey Chickadee, I didn't know you did the garden thing! I loved that one. I almost did a tribute piece to the 6th ave Farmers Market. Im glad to see you do a full on piece.

Hmm, who to vote for????

by scout on 8/1/2008 @ 8:43pm
Thanks Kevin for taking issue with the Volcano's misrepresentation of how the Chalk Offs came to be and what the event brings to Frost Park every week - to speak of this Tacoma centric, positive, self-sustaining, and community affirming event as anything other than positive is a failed attemp at self promotion.

Good job challenging this self-serving and sardonic editorial.

by NineInchNachos on 8/1/2008 @ 8:47pm

yeah Ms. Darcy is freaked out by anything zombie related. She also had a hard time with stowe's art door

My mom said she LOVES your zombie however.

(Maximilian was in a milk fueled coma the whole time)

by jamesstoweart on 8/1/2008 @ 8:56pm
I am also extremely freaked out by anything zombie related. I think that is why they invade my work as often as they do. And as awesome as Dawn's first attempt at zombie love is... and I've thought long and hard about it... it all come down to the fact that Mark Monlux has always been the greatest illustrator in the universe of Tacoma. Who am I not to acknowledge that fact. So for this tiki and all the wonderful tiki that have come before it here in Frost Park and more than likely throughout Mark's esteemed portfolio... my humble vote goes to him.

For me he is certainly one of the greatest illustrators in the universe... Tacoma or otherwise. I'll be happy to draw his card. That's enough Monlux manlove... there are other people waiting to vote.

by jamesstoweart on 8/1/2008 @ 8:58pm
Also, I wish I had a chance to talk with Teddy Haggarty today. I should have made him sit down in my shabby portrait chair. Next time.

by ensie on 8/1/2008 @ 9:04pm
I loved being part of Stowe's portraits today. Very fun. As usual, great stuff all over the park.

Gotta go with Mark's excellent work this week. Lovin' the Tiki!

I really dislike the Volcano. Every time I see something awful they've written, they manage to top it with something worse.

by NineInchNachos on 8/1/2008 @ 9:07pm

long live ivan!

by Frinklin on 8/1/2008 @ 9:14pm
Let's see... my wife is one of Stowe's subjects, so I think I'm pretty much locked in there.

by KevinFreitas on 8/1/2008 @ 9:21pm
I'd vote for my own "Water on Mars" tribute to, well, finding water on Mars, but I gotta go Dawn today. Stowe's portraits were super fun and it was awesome to see Mark back in the mix. I totally dug the Red Hot hearts too. However, with Dawn as my mentor from last week was a great teacher then and this week with her zombie drawing how-to.

Cheers to everyone! So who thinked they sounded the worst on camera today? I'm pretty sure I could win a prize for that. ;)

by NineInchNachos on 8/1/2008 @ 9:38pm
what was the story behind lance's piece ? was that a portrait of teddy?

by KevinFreitas on 8/1/2008 @ 9:43pm
He wouldn't tell me when I asked. Probably just trying to be nice since I hadn't a clue who it was. Looks great tho! Took a page from your chalk portrait style of late, RR.

Episode 11

Episode 10

Lance's work for Episode 17

by NineInchNachos on 8/1/2008 @ 9:52pm
If I put on my art columnist hat I'd venture to guess that Lance was paying tribute to a Teddy H. style sketch...

by NineInchNachos on 8/1/2008 @ 9:54pm
Fill us in Lance! You cant be all mysterious

by dawntown on 8/1/2008 @ 9:55pm
I first thought it was a young warhol, but now that you say, that's a Teddy. It even looks like his style. Copying the masters, huh Lance.

Ok, so was there a second place? If so, can the prize be a picnic on the Armstrong garden roof (with goat)? I can see the photos now...

If so, I vote for me. If not, I vote for Adam's jealous Alien.."Who's this dude sniffin' around my territory". It's alright, man, back down.

by Courtney on 8/1/2008 @ 10:28pm
I'm going with Mark. Loved his piece! Sto had some other esoteric symbol on his forehead in his trading card but I was really happy to see that he changed it to the Red Dwarf reference.

by Adam the Alien on 8/1/2008 @ 10:56pm
My vote goes to Dawn, who not only produced a piece both kickass and amusing...but also didn't limit herself to the vertical space she started on. I always love seeing pieces that ignore the apparent borders of their given space.

Also, I still have kneepads from many weeks back that no one has claimed...and today I picked up a child's jacket that was left behind amidst the chalk dust. Let me know if you're missing stuff, folks, I don't want to keep these things.

Side note: people sitting around the foliage raised into the air and contained by our vertical drawing spaces, please double-check your space before you leave. That area has become a magnet for leaving stuff behind, especially litter. I once left the park and got half a block away before realizing I didn't have my shoulder bag because I'd left it in that area. So I know how easy it is to set something down there and forget about it (especially since, once you leave the part by the grass to view the drawings, it can be above eye level). But that just means we all need to remember extra hard to double-check after being near there. Slightly-to-drastically raised as it is (depending on where exactly you're standing), and containing bushes that like to hide things, it's just too easy a spot to forget about and lose too many things.

by Dianne on 8/1/2008 @ 10:59pm
I vote for Dawn's zombie.

by jamesstoweart on 8/1/2008 @ 11:02pm
"Is it a red and black boy's jacket?" Asks a distracted father of a budding artist who is hoping his wife won't see this.

by tacomachickadee on 8/1/2008 @ 11:17pm
Dawntown: Yes, I'm pretty involved in the gardens, and local food, and ... well, and today at Frost Park I was fresh from a meeting where we were planning the Aug. 23 Tacoma Community Garden Tour. And since I haven't apparently figured out how to make type photographable, I repeat: Save the date ... the 2nd annual Tacoma Community Garden Tour will be Aug. 23 ... and maps will be available at the Proctor Farmers Market that morning, and eventually available from one of my blog homes: www.growlocaltacoma.com.

Back to business ... I had fun participating today, as after a couple half-hearted child-distracted non-artist attempts, I've learned even a little black can mean the difference between complete crap and OK sketching. (Thanks to tacomamama for snagging me some charcoal!) But apparently I'm still learning how to make writing show up on camera. Every picture I look at is painful, because while I'm proud of the actual drawing side of it ... there appears to be this big blank space in the middle where my message is supposed to be!

*head smack*

I'm learning.

In the end, I vote for Mark.

While the Tiki That Pukes Salmon disgusts me in part, it tied in well with my morning WTF??!?!? of seeing dozens of boats oddly congregated at the mouth of Commencement Bay this morning. As I drove down N. 36th or 37th toward the water, there were all these odd dots on the water that aren't normally there. I was wondering if we had a massive whale or orca misdirect at first. But I quickly realized: they were all boats. And they were all fishing. Apparently it was opening day for fishing Commencement Bay. Amid the pouring rain, people were getting their fish on.

Oh, and Mark just rocks, so he definitely deserves it. I think the spirits were calling him this week ...

by Adam the Alien on 8/1/2008 @ 11:21pm
"Is it a red and black boy's jacket?" Asks a distracted father of a budding artist who is hoping his wife won't see this.

Yes it is, and it was near your drawing space.

by AngelaJossy on 8/1/2008 @ 11:35pm
Damn. I coulda had a Stowe portrait if only I'd stopped by the park today! Dagnabit.

My vote is for Andrea this week because her fantastic El Gaucho man kinda reminded me of Antonio Banderas in Zorro and since Latino Festival is happening this weekend, sexy Latin men are on my mind.

by tacomachickadee on 8/1/2008 @ 11:46pm
Oh! And a total shout-out to the newbie! The Russell guy, Joseph/Tyme, did a kick-butt job with the baby-emerging from rose in nearly one color. He's a newbie who tripped upon the gathering and jumped in ... and I overheard him saying he was eager to bring his kids down for a future chalk-off. Which makes me happy, since that's of course what I do ... drag the kids down on (most) Fridays. (Not this one, obviously ... they were running around with the grandparents today.)

by Erik on 8/1/2008 @ 11:55pm
I vote for Mark Monlux. He outperformed today. His fish and Tiki of blew out the park.

He also explained in some detail why he wears yellow shirts. He apparently has a great many of them.

"Branding" theories in action I guess.

The Russell guy, Joseph/Tyme, did a kick-butt job with the baby-emerging from rose in nearly one color.

Yeah he was good. Looking forward to his future entries.

by Erik on 8/2/2008 @ 12:20am
Went for drinks tonight with "Mr. Streetcar." I peered into the darkness at El Gaucho and made out a poster reminiscent of Lupin's submission today:

by tacomachickadee on 8/2/2008 @ 12:36am
Me thinks Mark won ...?

by Erik on 8/2/2008 @ 12:53am
What a great day.

Teddy Haggarty and his film crew were great professionals and real characters. I am looking forward to the film on Frost Park.

Haggarty took so much footage, I have no idea how the film will turn out. Yet, it was nice to see Teddy have so much enthusiasm for Frost Park Chalk offs. He loved the scene and we were able to see him describe what Frost Park seemed to be for him.

The chalking scene was more intense than ever down at the corner of 9th and Pacific, yet the top entries ended up coming from up the hill and down Pacific from Mark and Dawn.

Stowe's portrait work really brought a great interaction between the crowd and the artists. One of the best ideas to be had at Frost Park.

Here's some shots of four different people sitting in Stowe's portrait chair:

(Last picture by Kevin)

Voting Tally

A total of 22 votes

Mark Monlux......14
Adam................ 1

Congratulations Mark Monlux!!!!


Mark Monlux has submitted one submission after another in Frost Park. Despite having not won until today, he always seemed to have a great time and he has now established himself in the winners circle.

As one can see from his web site, he is an established professional..

Mark wins $100 gift certificate at Pacific Grill.

Future Sponsor

Today was nice in that a future sponsor came up to me with a gift certificate, introduced herself and lined herself completely up for next week. I took a simple photo of her and now she is in the que.

by Erik on 8/2/2008 @ 1:28am
Check out Mark's comics:


Mark Monlux is an award winning freelance illustrator veteran. His client’s include Microsoft, Workman Publishing, Eating Well Magazine, Sunterra and a host of independent and agency design groups. While imaginative cartoons have a look and feel of their own, it’s Mark’s ability to quickly invent iconic imagery from vague concepts makes him a valuable resource.

Hi is ideal for situations where ideas have to be created on the fly, such as storyboard, research and development, and innovation sessions. He loves his work and is proud of what he has contributed to the marketplace during his long career.

There is a lot to know about Mark Monlux. He has published a ton:

Mark Monlux’s Summary

Award Winning Freelance Illustrator and Cartoonist with a 20 year track record. www.markmonlux.com:


My training in Graphic Art occurred before the advent of computers and desktop publishing. This has proven beneficial as my knowledge of pre-press productions, and press capability is more extensive than many current entries into the design field.


Book Chapter Header, Editorial and Icons:

Titles from Microsoft Press: Running Microsoft Works 3, Microsoft PowerPoint 4, Microsoft Windows NT, Running Microsoft Word 6, Microsoft MS-DOS 6, Microsoft Excel 5, Code Complete, Rapid Development Microsoft Bookshelf Internet Directory.
Magazine and Newsletter Covers, Editorial, and Icons:
Well Magazine, Canoe Magazine, Computer User Magazine, Seattle Seafood Magazine, ACT Theater Magazine, Promise Keepers, Iconoclast Magazine, Bellevue Athletic Club Selections Magazine, Microsoft Mindshare Newsletter and Bingo Bugle Newspaper.
Television and Radio:

KOMO, KIRO, KING Channel 13


by NineInchNachos on 8/2/2008 @ 8:17am
hurrah! a Mark Monlux trading card by stowe!

by dawntown on 8/2/2008 @ 8:25am
Kick-tiki-butt stuff, Monlux, My Light in a Yellow Hat (light house?). Im glad you were finally able to get that idea to pavement. And what a great one it was! Welcome back, too

Darkain: Those are some super vivid pictures, man. I send a big thank you from all of us that attempt this chalking thing every Friday. Your pictures really make our work "pop".

Kevin: I thought I saw an alien on your Mars Landscape, you sneaky devil! See ya laters...

Tyme: COME BACK!!!! I can't wait to see what you do next week...If you need chalk, Target has a big box of different colors for like $6, if you are looking for some intense colors, Micheals has a good set for $5. And cowboy charcoal is a must; $5 at Home Depot, but there is always a few bags hanging around the park.

by MarkMonlux on 8/2/2008 @ 11:44am
Wow! I get to take my wife out to dinner. I'm so happy. Thanks for all the great postings. Eric is right. I do have a lot of yellow shirts. But, my hawaiian shirt collections is far larger. It was warm yesterday. I should have worn one. If you would like to see my daily, weekly cartoons along with other doodles, you can check out my blog at www.markmonlux.blogspot.com
Thanks for voting for me! Woo Hoo!

by Lance Kagey on 8/2/2008 @ 9:35pm

and yes, I can be mysterious

by Dave_L on 8/4/2008 @ 12:35pm
Just an update, I received a call this morning from Randy Sparks, the filmmaker who was heading up the filming of last week’s Chalk Challenge with Teddy. He said he was just putting the finishing touches on the editing, credits, etc., and he easily had enough to produce a 45-minute documentary. But Randy was able to piece together a film for the Tacoma Film Festival 5-minute category that flows very well and does a good job of representing this community event. He used some stills from on-line, and those sources will be in the credits. Randy was under a serious time-crunch as the deadline is today, but he’s pretty confident this film has a good chance of being selected for the festival. And if it does, he hopes we all attend the showing. Whenever he hears the results of the selection process, he will let us know. Regardless, there will be copies of the film for those who contributed and participated. (You’re alright, for a Clover Park grad, Randy!)

by Erik on 8/4/2008 @ 1:24pm
But Randy was able to piece together a film for the Tacoma Film Festival 5-minute category that flows very well and does a good job of representing this community event. He used some stills from on-line, and those sources will be in the credits. Randy was under a serious time-crunch as the deadline is today, but he’s pretty confident this film has a good chance of being selected for the festival.


by dawntown on 8/4/2008 @ 2:17pm
can't get to the site no more :(

by Dave_L on 8/4/2008 @ 2:52pm
Oh, the link I attempted to cut-and-paste above was just for Randy Saprks' myspace page, because I thought you might like to read his bio. But I guess it doesn't let you do that.

by Erik on 8/4/2008 @ 4:42pm
Tiki loves Pink Cookie Lady:


by Erik on 8/16/2008 @ 12:54am
Mark Monlux collects his prize ($100 at Pacific Grill) for prevailing in Episode XVII