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Sep. 1, 2008 at 12:10am

New Frost Park Video by Adam, He Sings, Gets Heckled

Frost Park attendee and videographer
Adam has just released a new Frost Park Chalk Off video.

Very nice.  Great personal commentary.  The last third is the best part IMO.  Adam asks for help in using U Tube and is the first known person known to sing in Frost Park sober.

The video appears to be taken right after Episode XVI where Stowe prevailed.

Great work Adam!

Sorry the U tube system is so frustrating. Perhaps you should correspond with Electric Elliot who seems to have made great friends with U Tube.

Here's Adam's other Frost Park video Where the Sidewalk Ends.

While singing, Adam reports that someone in a car is "mocking" him.  Such is the unpredictable and interactive nature of Frost Park.


Whatever issues Adam has been having , he was able to overcome it for the taping, production and uploading of this video.  A great episode BTW to memorialize as it shows a number of great pieces including RR and Stowes which comprise the new Chalk Off poster.

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by Erik on 9/1/2008 @ 12:30am
Adam's video valor:


by Adam the Alien on 9/1/2008 @ 2:05am
Hah...actually, I uploaded this on August 7. I kind of wondered if anyone here would find it. It was more intended for the YouTube crowd, who have been pestering me about vlogs from late June that I haven't had time to finish.

I don't generally post my own videos here unless I intend them specifically for the feedtacoma audience (it seems like it would feel kind of weird, for some reason)...if people are interested, though, I suppose I could make a blog post collecting the assorted videos I've uploaded to YouTube - on my personal channel and on the collaborative vlogtag channel - containing Frost Park footage. There are at least a few more some folks probably never saw.

by Erik on 9/1/2008 @ 11:34am
...actually, I uploaded this on August 7. I kind of wondered if anyone here would find it.

It only took three weeks. :)

However, it was worth the wait.

by NineInchNachos on 9/1/2008 @ 12:14pm
"he's cute" - Ms. Darcy

"He's like a little koala bear" - RR

by Adam the Alien on 9/1/2008 @ 2:55pm
It only took three weeks. :)
I actually tried uploading it the same day I recorded it...but there were new problems that it took me weeks to fix.

"he's cute" - Ms. Darcy

"He's like a little koala bear" - RR