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Jun. 27, 2011 at 12:05am

News Tribune Admonishes Tacoma City Council to: 1) Ban Digital Billboards, 2) Remove Non-Complying Billboard, 3) Refuse to "cave" to Clear Channel


Yesterday, the News Tribune joined 95 percent of Tacomans, Tacoma's neighborhood councils, and dozens of other civic groups and community leaders with the well written Sunday editorial against the threat of digital billboards in Tacoma:

Theres no reason to hesitate if the City Councils response to Clear Channel is the right one: Come get your 193 illegal billboards and cancel any plans to erect digital signs within city limits.

The message from Tacoma residents has been clear. They want as few billboards in the city as possible  and if Clear Channel wants to sue, thats a fight the taxpayers are willing to have.

Even so, Clear Channel seems to view the citys law as little more than an opening offer. It sued in 2007 to overturn the citys rules. Now its proposing an agreement that is a coup dressed in compromise.
The settlement would not only leave the vast majority of the companys most obtrusive and ill-placed billboards standing, but also secure Clear Channels ability to introduce new potential eyesores in the form of digital billboards.

I wish I could report that the Tacoma City Council will shortly ban digital billboards and remove the non-complying billboards.  
However, given the money at stake, there are still forces at work in the city seeking to ignore the overwhelming public opposition and the Planning Commission Recommendation force into Tacoma an array of 38 digital billboards in the City of Tacoma.  
This action would give away Tacoma's public skyline for private profit, reduce the quality of life in the city by blighting Tacoma's skyline with 24/7 commercial ad machines similar to the fate suffered by West St. Paul, MN:
What you can do:

1) Contact your Tacoma City Council representative with your opinion on the issue.
2) Attend the public hearing on the billboard issue at 5:30 p.m. at Tacoma City Hall (747 Market Street) on July 19th to voice your objections to digital billboards.
3) Attend the protest arranged by Turn Out the Light Tacoma on July 19th at Tacoma City Hall (747 Market Street) at 4:00 p.m.

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by Erik on 6/27/2011 @ 12:59am
One can also attend the movie night hosted by the Red Hot and sponsored by Turn Out the Lights Tacoma on June 30th at 8:00 p.m.:


Clip from movie:


by Erik on 6/27/2011 @ 11:13am
The Tribune editorial seems to make reference to Kevin's blighted billboard posts:

Come get your 193 illegal billboards and cancel any plans to erect digital signs within city limits.


by Mofo from the Hood on 6/27/2011 @ 12:01pm
The News Tribune would prefer that advertisers spend their money on its newspaper advertising?

by fredo on 6/27/2011 @ 12:23pm
Spike Lee said

"Do the right thing"

Marilyn Strickland,

Did you hear him?