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Sep. 30, 2011 at 2:23am

News Tribune Letter: "Council needs to stand by billboard law"

TACOMA: Council needs to stand by billboard law

Erik Bjornson, Tacoma

PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 28, 2011  Bookmark and Share SHARE THIS

Congratulations to the Tacoma City Council for listening to residents and passing a reasonable billboard ordinance which wisely bans digital billboards from blemishing Tacomas skyline and requires nonconforming static billboards to be removed by March 1, 2012.

During multiple public hearings, hundreds of Tacomans weighed in against digital billboards, 1,400 signed petitions against them, and six neighborhood councils and dozens of civic groups opposed them. Approximately 95 percent of Tacoma residents opposed digital billboards in the public process.

However, as the billboard issue moves through the court system, there will no doubt be temptations for the City Council to capitulate or appease Clear Channel and to once again be tempted to make some sort of deal in non-public executive sessions.

It is important that Tacoma's interim city manager and council stand up for the public interest and hold fast in backing the current billboard law. Seattle, Bellingham and many other high-quality-of-life cities rightfully ban digital billboards, and it is reasonable that Tacoma continue to do the same.



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by Erik on 9/30/2011 @ 2:29am
Hang in there Tacoma!

by NineInchNachos on 9/30/2011 @ 8:22am
Do us proud Marty!

by Marty C on 9/30/2011 @ 11:43am
I can bake a blueberry pie.

MMMMH... Blueberries

by Erik on 9/30/2011 @ 10:27pm
"I can bake a blueberry pie."

Anything helps.

by fredo on 10/1/2011 @ 7:11am
I would like somebody from the city council to explain why the council voted FOR the settlement agreement without providing an opportunity for the citizens of Tacoma to weigh in on whether or not they even wanted digital billboards.

Why not vote for a 6 month moratorium on all Digital Billboard Settlement Agreements?

Please explain. Is it because you didn't want to hurt Eric Anderson's feelings?