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Feb. 11, 2009 at 10:23am

Prosecutor Horne To Resign, Mark Lindquist to Replace?

This just in:


Pierce County Prosecutor Gerald Horne resigns

Prosecutor Gerald Horne plans to retire in August, with a year remaining on his term.

The 68-year-old told The News Tribune of Tacoma he's eager to spend more time with his grandkids after 45 years in state and federal justice systems.

Horne says he hopes Deputy Prosecutor Mark Lindquist will be named to replace him.



Lindquist would be a good choice.  He has lived in the heart of Tacoma downtown and now in the wedge district.  He is an experienced prosecutor.

Plus, he is willing and able to make more progress implementing the fair share legislation to keep Tacoma and Pierce County from not taking more than their fair share of felons. 


Lindquist presenting to the North End Neighborhood Council on the felon "Dumping Ground" Issue.


See also:

Prosecutor Horne interview on Pierce County's Felon Dumping Ground Issue



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by Erik on 2/11/2009 @ 10:39am
From the archive:

by Erik on 2/11/2009 @ 1:37pm
Also covered in the Tribune:


by morgan on 2/11/2009 @ 2:01pm
Little known fact: Lindquist is also an accomplished author.

by MarkMonlux on 2/15/2009 @ 3:30pm
Who are the other potential front runners?

by NineInchNachos on 2/15/2009 @ 3:41pm
the dude has got the look.

reminds me of the attorney from the new batman movie.

by billb on 2/15/2009 @ 5:36pm
Is Barbara Corey planning to run? (She's the one who beat Gerry Horne in the sex discrimination case and won $3 million.)

by jcbetty on 2/16/2009 @ 4:47pm
I think Lindquist is a great choice, he's Mr Local and one of those fun to talk to, all-around interesting people who has a life outside of "work." --I think that's a perspective that serves everyone well!!

by Erik on 2/16/2009 @ 8:55pm
Lindquist has been in Tacoma since law school (class of 1995) prosecuting in the trenches the entire time and willing to hold the Department of Corrections feet the the fire. Plus, he has lived in Tacoma the entire time.

He's the one:


by Dave_L on 2/17/2009 @ 9:20am
For you carbon-footprint fans, I even saw the potential RR action-figure Batman-Attorney walking to work this morning. Maybe he can even help those trying to save the Wedge.

by Erik on 2/17/2009 @ 1:03pm
Yeah. Lindquist needs an action figure for his campaign.

by NineInchNachos on 3/6/2009 @ 11:37pm
King of Methlahem Alternatve Cover Design

by ixia on 3/7/2009 @ 7:26am
A King alright - and Horne the Kingmaker. I would think it more decent to wait for election and not have a selection predestined by Horne.

by Crenshaw Sepulveda on 3/7/2009 @ 11:07am
At least wait until Jesse Hill throws one of his many hats in the ring.

by Erik on 7/5/2009 @ 7:02pm
For more information on Lindquist see:


by Erik on 11/19/2009 @ 12:19am

Lindquist featured in this week's volcano:

Being Mark Lindquist

The Pierce County prosecutor is just like you except for his high-profile job and famous friends

by Matt Driscoll

Nov 19, 2009

The dude has a presence. At 6-foot-6 and with looks the likes of which can land you in the pages of Peoples 100 Most Eligible Bachelors, its hard not to take note of Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist. Hes usually the tallest person in the room among other distinguishing characteristics.


by Matt Driscoll on 11/19/2009 @ 2:11pm
Thanks, Erik! I appreciate the mention. This was a fun one to work on.

by Erik on 11/19/2009 @ 2:53pm

Nice work on the article Matt.

Mark is a cool guy and was my class at Law School. He is also an incredibly hard working guy in the prosecutor's office and writing his books.

I wonder when his next book will come out.

by NineInchNachos on 11/19/2009 @ 3:16pm
Matt, did you ask if he liked chicken soup?

by Matt Driscoll on 11/19/2009 @ 4:16pm
Erik - I don't have any inside info, really - though he did tell me he's in the note taking and information gathering process at the moment for his next book. I have no idea when to expect it, although I believe he said King of Methlehem took him a year once he actually started writing it - but I could be getting my books mixed up there.

Mr. Nachos - I did not inquire about chicken soup, though I do know he enjoys hummus and cucumbers.

by NineInchNachos on 11/19/2009 @ 4:33pm

ha ha ho ho!

by Erik on 11/19/2009 @ 5:11pm
I just picked up a Volcano with the cut out for Mark, kind of like a Volcano action figure.

by Erik on 4/8/2010 @ 10:09pm

Just received:


Dear Friends,

Friday, June 4, 7:00 pm -- mark your calendar for our campaign kick-off party at the Heidelberg Brewery building in downtown Tacoma, 2210 C. Street South.

Sponsors include Sheriff Paul Pastor, Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland, Crime Stoppers Executive Director Ed Troyer and others. There will be a band, special musical guest stars, beer, wine, food, and a couple hundred good people having a good time. Watch for more details as the date grows closer.

We are busy in the Prosecutor's Office, aggressively pursuing violent gangs, holding accountable all the defendants who helped cop-killer Maurice Clemmons, and reducing the Superior Court backlog to increase access to justice.

While I take care of business as your County Prosecutor, I also have to run for election this fall. I am honored to have the endorsements of former prosecutors Gerry Horne and John Ladenburg, former Governor and U.S. Senator Daniel J. Evans, former Governor and County Executive Booth Gardner, and other leaders in our community. You can see our bi-partisan list of endorsements at www.marklindquist.org.

Help keep me working as your prosecutor by contributing to the campaign. Donate online at www.marklindquist.org or send a check to the campaign: PO Box 1821, Tacoma, WA 98401. Please contribute now. The maximum is $1,600 per person, and any donation is appreciated. Thank you!

You can also help by volunteering or adding your name to our growing endorsement list. Please email us at manager@marklindquist.org.

Finally, please forward this email to anyone you think our campaign should contact.

Thank you for your friendship and support.



p.s. Please note that I am not soliciting donations from Pierce County employees and I am not soliciting or accepting personal donations from employees of the Prosecutor's Office.


by Crenshaw Sepulveda on 4/8/2010 @ 10:58pm
I want to marry Mark Lindquist and have his children.

by fredo on 4/9/2010 @ 7:29am
One of Mark's supporters is Marilyn Strickland?

Isn't she on the city council of a major city under Mark's jurisdiction which regularly has open meetings violations under judicial review?