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Feb. 8, 2011 at 12:01am

Seattle PI In Histrionics After Tacoma is Named "Most Romantic City"

From the Seattle PI:

It really is useful to see how Seattlites honestly views Tacoma.  So long as Tacoma keeps it head down deferentially, Seattle is content to treat Tacoma with a gentle paternalistic condescending tone. 

The outrage from Seattle media explodes whenever Tacoma ever attempts to lift it's bloody head from the pavement which happened today when Tacoma was named the "[m]ost romantic city," at which the PI let their prejudices fly:

In anticipation of Valentine's Day next Monday, Yelp dutifully studied its search patterns and came up with a list of Top 5 most romantic cities.

Crowning the list? Tacoma.

As in, Tacoma  gritty port city overshadowed by tourist-magnet Seattle, former mill town with aroma issues  is the most romantic city. In the entire country. According to Yelp.

Amazing.  Seattle has enough of it's own problems without having to pick on Tacoma. Easier for the PI to point n finger than to have to face it's own problems I suppose.  Tacoma beat Seattle in something.  That is worth celebrating.

Could it be that Yelp is correct and Tacoma is actually "more romantic" than than politically correct, clammy, androgynous, self doubting, bored with itself, Jumped the Shark City of Seattle?

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by The Jinxmedic on 2/8/2011 @ 5:57am
Heh. Seattle is cold, souless, and is trapped lock-step in politi-corporate correctness. Not very romantic. And they are about to take one of the best urban waterfront driving views on the west coast away (the Alaska Way Viaduct), put it in an underground multi-billion dollar tunnel fiasco that carries fewer vehicles, is a bigger earthquake risk than the viaduct, and will be tolled at a rate that will force vehicles onto downtown surface streets. Won't that be fun. After all, more time on downtown Seattle streets increases your chance of being assaulted by a Seattle police officer, which seems to be quite the rage lately. (Unless you are white, of course...)

As long as Tacoma city government stops trying to "be just like Seattle", Tacoma will always be a quirkier, but far more livable city, and one with real individuality- individuality that Seattle claims, but will never have.

by ixia on 2/8/2011 @ 8:19am
Awe, first her pig gets hurt and now she has a headache. Let’s give her a break..

by dolly varden on 2/8/2011 @ 8:59am
It's "histrionics" -- don't feed into the Seattle stereotype that Tacomans don't know how to spell. :)

by jenyum on 2/8/2011 @ 9:05am
Who cares what some Seattleite thinks.

by fredo on 2/8/2011 @ 9:11am
Tacoma...the "shifty" city

by Jesse on 2/8/2011 @ 9:14am
Every single person I've met here that has moved to Seattle doesn't date. They're too busy paying for their outrageous housing costs.

Funny they move to Seattle because there's more to do there but because they're there they can't do any of it.

by dolly varden on 2/8/2011 @ 9:27am
Seattle's a good city with lots of people who do lots of great stuff. There's just a certain (small, I hope) component of the population that is stuck in the 1910s when there was still a legitimate a rivalry between Seattle and Tacoma. It's odd (and kind of pitiful), but it doesn't mean Seattle sucks in general.

by Erik on 2/8/2011 @ 10:58am
Heh. Seattle is cold, souless, and is trapped lock-step in politi-corporate correctness. Not very romantic.

Good description.

As long as Tacoma city government stops trying to "be just like Seattle", Tacoma will always be a quirkier, but far more livable city, and one with real individuality- individuality that Seattle claims, but will never have.

The more Tacoma can stop trying to land the mega project or huge corporation to save the city and instead just repair the broken grid of the city and neighborhoods to allow small businesses to flourish, the better it will be.

The most damage Tacoma has caused is when it has super blocked huge areas and killed the potential for life in the area.

@Jen: Awesome picture!

by tacoma1 on 2/8/2011 @ 12:04pm
Most Seattleites are way too uptight to do the dirty deed ..........

by Erik on 2/8/2011 @ 12:19pm
Now the Tribune weighs in:

Tacoma No. 1 for romance? Now, that's amore!

Posted By Matt Misterek on February 8, 2011 at 11:40 am Bookmark and Share Share this

Early Valentine's Day alert for Tacomans: If you don't get something for your sweetie soon, you won't just be messing with your relationship. You'll be messing with the hometown lovey-dovey karma.

Tacoma was identified this week as North America's most romantic city by Yelp, a popular website that harnesses the power of social networking to rate restaurants and other businesses.


by Erik on 2/8/2011 @ 12:26pm
@tacoma1: Best I can tell, they are what is described in Japan as grass men:

The Herbivore's Dilemma

Japan panics about the rise of "grass-eating men," who shun sex, don't spend money, and like taking walks.

Ryoma Igarashi likes going for long drives through the mountains, taking photographs of Buddhist temples and exploring old neighborhoods. He's just taken up gardening, growing radishes in a planter in his apartment. Until recently, Igarashi, a 27-year-old Japanese television presenter, would have been considered effeminate, even gay. Japanese men have long been expected to live like characters on Mad Men, chasing secretaries, drinking with the boys, and splurging on watches, golf, and new cars.


by Erik on 2/8/2011 @ 12:44pm
Seattle media continuing to go crazy:

Other things Tacoma is known for include: being the most stressful city in the country, having one of the highest divorce rates and having one of the highest crime rates in the country.

But when people aren't divorcing, overworking or shooting each other, apparently they're buying people chocolate.


by The Jinxmedic on 2/8/2011 @ 1:00pm
You would think Seattle had a pretty high crime rate, what with all the unarmed people that SPD either punches in the face or just shoots dead on the spot for no apparent reason...

by The Jinxmedic on 2/8/2011 @ 1:03pm
Divorce rates? Well, at least people start out married in Tacoma....

by Erik on 2/8/2011 @ 2:57pm
@Jinx. Exactly. Very few people get married in Seattle.

by JesseHillFan on 2/8/2011 @ 3:06pm
Seattle used to be a great fun city in the 1960's up till about the mid 1980's.
I wouldn't go there now.Too expensive,not friendly and too overcrowded.I remember the good days of driving 120 or 130 mph on I-5.I never even got a speeding ticket.

by Erik on 2/8/2011 @ 4:55pm
Seattle take 3 A little better:

Nothing says romance like a little eau de toilette� especially when it smells like a real toilet, a la the Tacoma aroma. So says Yelp in a newly released study of 2010 pre-Valentine�s Day search activity, which revealed Tacoma, Washington, to be its most romantic city. (It really is in the air � just look at how smitten that Point Defiance Zoo lemur is.) As Seattlest�s resident, well, Tacoma resident, I sang this fair city�s praises back in December. But even I was a little surprised at such a highly ranked lovey-dovey declaration. A description of Yelp�s super mathematical breakdown goes thusly:


by ixia on 2/8/2011 @ 7:38pm
I just heard the alley cats go at it outside. Love is in the Tacoma air!

by Erik on 2/8/2011 @ 9:49pm
@ixia: funny.

Portland believes Tacoma is romantic:

Tacoma Ranked Most Romantic City In U.S.

POSTED: 8:43 pm PST February 8, 2011
UPDATED: 9:25 pm PST February 8, 2011

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Looking for romance? Consider a trip to Tacoma, Wash.

Tacoma has been ranked the most romantic city in the U.S., according to Yelp.com.

The website added up the number of searches for things like lingerie, chocolate and romantic restaurants to make the call.

Other top cities included Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, Calif., New Haven, Conn., and El Paso, Texas.


This survey is getting some serious media legs.

by ixia on 2/8/2011 @ 11:28pm
Portland is self-confident. Now that is sexy. Seattle on the other hand had a big prostitution bust on Aurora Avenue today. OOPS.

by Erik on 2/8/2011 @ 11:40pm
The title of the movie Sleepless in Seattle says it all.

by Jesse on 2/9/2011 @ 8:30am
I've been to Seattle, Portland, and Tacoma looking for love. The first question asked by a potential mate is usually:

Portland: "What outdoor activities are you into? Are you environmentally conscience? Do you recycle?"
Seattle: "What do you do for a living?" Basically, how much money do you have?
Tacoma: "Are you originally from here?

I think this says a lot about the personality of each town.