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Jun. 1, 2011 at 12:16am

Tacoma City Council Candidate Joe Atkinson Answers Tough Urban Questions From the Tacoma Sun

From the Tacoma Sun:




Below are the questions and responses sent to Realtor Joe Atkinson, candidate for Tacoma City Council District #1. This district is current represented by  councilmember Spiro Manthou who is retiring from the council.  Thus, this is an open position.


Atkinson is running against Karen Smitherman and Anders Ibsen.

The questions being asked to Tacoma City Council candidates this year from the Tacoma Sun are very specific and address such issues as the Winthrop Hotel, Parking Requirements, Tacoma Streetcars, and Felon Dumping Ground Issues.

Q I: What education and experience do you have to qualify to be a member of the Tacoma City Council? What books have you read that you believe that would give you insights as to how to be an effective councilmember?
I graduated from Tacoma Community College and earned my bachelors degree in political science from the University of Washington Tacoma while working full time at a Tacoma small business.  I am no stranger to sacrifice and hard work.  I currently work as a legislative aide to State Representative (& former Mayor of Milton) Katrina Asay.  I am the elected Secretary of Ruston Point Defiance Business District (served for three years), am a licensed surety (bail) agent, and hold a real estate license.  My wife and I own two homes in Tacoma (one is 116 years old!) and a small business in Ruston.In the past I have worked as and aircraft fueler and member of the International Aerospace & Machinist Union. What stands out is my tireless work ethic and high level of practical, real world experience.

My wife and I are dedicated servants trying to make time for work, family, business, and community.  We are very hard workers, experts at budgeting, and are driven to empower our community and neighborhoods.  We are also dedicated parents who love spending our free time with our two-year-old son Alexander.
Through my wide range of experience I have built up a compassion for people, and enjoy helping others empower themselves to solve complex problems.  I have a clear vision, and a drive to enact positive change.  I am looking forward to growing this vision by listening to YOU and empowering our communities.

Please see my website at www.friendsofjoeatkinson.com, and feel free to like and follow my facebook page Dont Forget to Like My Facebook Page! (Click This Link) if you would like to follow the happenings of our campaign.

The quintessential political book that comes to mind is the ancient 6th century Chinese work of Art; Tao Te Ching, a philosophical masterpiece themed on political guidance with limitless interpretations.  This book teaches humility, simplicity, and practicality, and should be read by all seeking any form of public office.  Another book that has touched my life is Booker T Washingtons Up from Slavery.  I personally relate to this book as a lesson of how far a person can come through hard work and ability in the face of great challenges.  I also love the philosophical works of Hobbes Locke & Rousseau, but especially love Hobbes Leviathan and Lockes Second Treatise of Government.  My most recent book was Homers first epic The Iliad about the ancient Trojan Wars.


For comparison, you can read the answers of candidate Anders Ibsen, his opponent, here and opponent Karen Smitherman here.

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by Erik on 6/1/2011 @ 9:16am
More background information from the Tribune:

In what's shaping up to be a crowded field, legislative aide Joseph Atkinson has become the latest candidate in the race vying for the open City Council seat to represent Tacoma's first district.

(Two-term City Councilman Spiro Manthou who holds the Position 1 seat now is facing term limits and ineligible from seeking re-election. The nonpartisan Position 1 seat represents Tacoma's West End and the western half of its North End.)

Atkinson, a legislative aide to Republican Washington State Rep. Katrina Asay of Milton, is a graduate of Tacoma Community College who later earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Washington-Tacoma. He is also a licensed Realtor through Windermere, serves as the elected Secretary of the Ruston Point Defiance Business District and runs a local business with his wife.


by Erik on 6/1/2011 @ 9:18am
Windermere page:


Dear friends and neighbors, I became a real estate agent for many reasons, but over everything else, I find the freindships that I gain to be the most rewarding aspect of my profession. Helping people through the most important and often difficult financial decision of their lives gives me the opportunity to meet great people and make a diffence in their lives.