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Nov. 12, 2007 at 8:07pm

Tacoma Urbanists Are Not Alone

New York groups are a repository of great ideas.

Sometimes it seems like Tacomans are alone battling an endless battle against blank walls on pedestrian mainstreets, brick walls blocking pedestrians pathways, blightful billboards, and pollution spewing steam plants near our major parks to make Tacoma a more livable pedestrian friendly city as well as supporting good efforts such to light up Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Some community groups are well ahead of us and more organized.  New York City has a group called Street Films will paid full time staff and a film crews. 

Thanks to the internet, we can watch their film pieces and pick and choose what might work for Tacoma in their efforts to improve the streets of New York City.

Here's a film segment they produced on making streets more walkable.

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by Brotha E. on 11/13/2007 @ 8:05am
Great video,
Tacoma sure could use some of the ideas on daylighting. Especially around its school crosswalks.

by Gorman on 11/14/2007 @ 11:56am
In my opinion, the worst intersection in Tacoma is S. 25th & J St. I can't count how many accidents I've seen here. Cars on J Street are parked basically up to the intersection and you have to go almost halfway into the street in order to see if traffic is coming the other way.

by Brotha E. on 11/14/2007 @ 12:20pm
Your correct, my brother (not brotha) got creamed at that intersection. I understand from the neighbors that they are starting a petition to have a stoplight put in.. Very dangerous spot indeed. Also McCarver school is trying to secure some funding to do bulbouts at their crosswalks 21st and 23rd Jst. The traffic just screams through this school zone. More so since the Yakima bridge has been closed.