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Jan. 10, 2008 at 12:07am

Tacoma's Parking Challenge Best Explained With Video Using Match Box Cars

Tacoma's effort to implement a modern parking management system continues.  City Manager Anderson has finalized his discussion with various groups and we hope to see something soon.

US leading expert in parking methodologies Donald Shoup has a new video to explaing parking pricing theories.   However, its not that complicated. This one uses match box cars.  Pretty interesting.  Professor Shoup's work is often cited by the city and other stakeholders. 

Of course, you can read his text High Cost of Free Parking (752 pages) if you want to read the more detailed explanation.  For now, enjoy the match box explanation.

Here it is:

As much as I like the video, his earlier one is more practical showing how parkings rates should be set "at the lowest price possible to obtain a 85 percent occupancy rate."  If there is less than an 85 percent occupancy rate, parking should be free.

The goal is to have parking spaces nearly full all the time.  If it is set too low, congestion occurs and no one can find a spot.  Too high and it has the potential to drive people out of town.  At any rate, the City of Tacoma should consider posting these videos on city web site to explain the issue of why rates are set (or should be set) at the rate to maintain 85 percent occupancy.  If the education on the methodology is not explained well, Tacomans will consider parking fees as simply a municipal tax.

More Information

Model Ordinance for Setting Parking Rates (Redwood City)
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Home Page of Professon Donald Shoup (UCLA)

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by NineInchNachos on 1/10/2008 @ 4:27pm
clever visuals. i like it

by Erik on 1/10/2008 @ 4:45pm
clever visuals. i like it

I also thought you would like as a collector of match box cars.