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Jun. 2, 2009 at 12:33am

This Weeks Tacoma City Arts Magazine Worth Picking Up

It's true.  Tacoma City Arts Magazine has had some weak editions.  That's to be expected as they are still a young publication.

But this month is different.  Really.

The current edition is worth reading.  So much so that you should:

Pick Up Your Copy of the June Edition of the Tacoma City Arts Magazine Today!

The Cover


Here, Tacoma City Arts publishes one of their best articles on the Frost Park Chalk Off.  Mentioned: Andrea Trenbeath, RR Anderson and the Tacoma Urbanist

Sidenote: For the first time in print, Andrea is given the urban title of a "chalkie," a term so hip and cutting edge that the online Urban Dictionary has not even caught up to define the term.  The best I can tell, the term "chalkie" was first used in the Tacoma blogosphere on June 17, 2008 on the Urbanist.


Keep up the great work Tacoma City Arts!  Art is not dead in Tacoma.  It lives.

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by Erik on 6/2/2009 @ 1:01am
Bonus trivia:

Andrea's chalk piece on the glass blowers also made the first page of the Local section of the News Tribune:

Flashback to Season I, Episode VIII:

News Tribune photographer and friend of Frost Park Drew Perine interviews Andrea.


Lance actually won the chalk off on this day with the largest zombie voting army assembled in Frost Park.

by Dave_L on 6/2/2009 @ 2:24am
Don't forget the excellent interview on The Melon: themelononline.com/2009/04/the-sweet-spo...

by Erik on 6/2/2009 @ 11:38am
Thanks Dave. The Melon is producing some great videos.