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Jul. 25, 2011 at 12:12am

Veteran Attorney Doug Schafer Explains the Legal Issues Involved in Tacoma's Billboard Issue


Good video for anyone wanting to know the legal issue that that have been brought up on the issue.

Also see:


The future?:

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by Erik on 7/25/2011 @ 12:36am
Here are the 1400 signature petitions scanned and attached to the Tacoma City Council packet against digital billboards now available for viewing (will these Tacoman's voices be heard?):


by NineInchNachos on 7/25/2011 @ 8:18am
Open your mind Marty Campbell !

by fredo on 7/25/2011 @ 8:50am
Doug Schaefer took the city of Tacoma to the mat with his comment. Too bad the council wouldn't allow him a little more than 3 minutes. Obviously he's the foremost authority on the legality of Tacoma's billboard ordinance.

If the city council does anything to weaken our billboard ordinance or accept the Clear Channel settlement offer then the citizens should start a referendum to overturn such a decision. The city is really sailing into uncharted waters with it's apparent refusal to support the citizens and the city planning commission.

by Erik on 7/25/2011 @ 11:12am
With Schafer's commentary, it shows that the issue of digital billboards is primary a public policy issue, not a legal one.