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Aug. 15, 2008 at 12:01am

Volcano's Swarner to *Take Back* Frost Park w/Chalkies

Banner by Dawn

Today is Frost Park Friday at Noon in downtown Tacoma at 9th and Pacific Avenue.   Everyone is invited.  The winner will design the cover of the Weekly Volcano.

Episode XIX: Week 19

Volcano owner Ron Swarner will, perhaps for the first time, set foot in Frost Park for a Chalk Off

The Moment Tacoma Has Been Waiting For:

From left to right: Original Frost Park flag designed by Kevin Freitas, Weekly Volcano editor and co-owner Ron Swarner, RR Anderson's Skull and Crossbone "Commitment to Excellence" flag which serves as the current Frost Park flag.

Here's our weekly message received from Frost Park Founder RR Anderson:


This event contains material which a truly free society would neither fear nor suppress. In some socially retarded areas, religious fanatics and ultra-conservative political organizations violate your First Amendment Rights by attempting to censor SIDEWALK FOLK ART.

We feel that this is un-Constitutional and un-American. As an alternative to these government-supported programs (designed to keep you docile and ignorant), THE FRIENDS OF FROST PARK are pleased to provide stimulating VISUAL entertainment for those of you who have outgrown the ordinary. The CHALK language and CHALK concepts contained herein are GUARANTEED NOT TO CAUSE ETERNAL TORMENT.

This guarantee is as real as the threats of the INSTITUTIONAL ART fundamentalists who use attacks on FOLK ART in their attempt to transform America into a nation of check-mailing THIRD THURSDAY nincompoops

Friday, 12 Noon - 1PM
Larry Frost Memorial Park
9th & Commerce









Corporate Sponsorship

Chalk Challenge No. 19  is made possible through charitable donation of THE WEEKLY VOLCANO "YOUR ART GOES HERE" COVER DESIGN of the next WEEKLY VOLCANO  WITH MARKET RATE COMPENSATION OF $150! 

That's right you'll get paid to design the next cover of the Weekly Volcano...

 ...your design will be seen by over 103,000 soldiers, airmen, their families and retirees in the South Puget Sound.

THIS IS AN ASTONISHING OPPORTUNITY--a chance for the product of your imagination to have a positive influence on AMERICAS FIGHTING MEN AND WOMEN!  

Official Rules (for entertainment purposes only)

get pumped, visit FeedTacoma.com's TACOMA URBANIST.

* * * N00B SPOILE R ALERT * * *


  1. Andrea "LupinGoddess" Trenbeath Lowen

  2. RR Anderson (Sponsored by Erik Bjornson Attorney at Law: Military Divorce Specialist)

  3. Life of Elle  (sponsored by Puget Sound Pizza)

  4. James Stowe (sponsored by EMBELLISH SALON)
  5. Andrea "LupinGoddess" Trenbeath Lowen (sponsored by THE RED HOT) 

  6. James Stowe (sponsored by BRICK & MORTAR EXECUTIVE CONDO SUITES ) 
  7. RR Anderson (sponsored by CORINA BAKERY + BISTRO)
  8. Mr. Lance Kagey of Beautiful Angel (sponsored by Hilltop Glass Artists, John Hathaway)
  9. James Stowe (sponsored by URBAN XCHANGE HIPSTER APPAREL )
  10. Andrea "LupinGoddess" Trenbeath Lowen (sponsored by Jim McIntire's campaign for state treasurer )

  11. Dawn & Ariel (sponsored by buzzards cd's + Stadium Video )
  12. Andrea "LupinGoddess" Trenbeath Lowen (sponsored by India Mahal)
  13. Life of Ellle (The Lost Chalk Episode)
  14. PAID Chalk Ringers Chelsey and Kelly (sponsored by Tacoma Art Place)

  15. Dawn (sponsored by The Helm Gallery)
  16. J. "The Prince of Chalk" Stowe (sponsored by Herban Cafe)
  17. Mark Monlux (sponsored by Armstrong Roofing)
  18. Team Dawn + Jessica Corey Butler (sponsored by Winthrop Hotel + One Store)
  19.                 your name here                ??

 Honorable Mention

  1. Dave L
  2. Laura Hanan
  3. Jeremy aka "The Garfield Kid"
  4. Adam the Alien
  5. Electric Eliot  
  6. Teddy M Haggarty

Rules for Chalk Art Contest:

We are making them up as we go.  However, the contest starts at 12:00 noon and ends at 1:00 p.m.  There are other rules in the official chalk off rulebook.

Feel free to post any pictures of the chalk art work below in this post or link to pictures or picture sets including close up shots that may make your favored piece look better or your opponents look worse.

Voting For Chalk Art Submissions (Revised)

Please vote for the chalk art entry you believe is the best in the comment section below.  Explaining why you believe the piece is the best will add considerable context and meaning to your vote.

No doubt you will have friends and acquaintances who are in the contest.  Do your best to be as objective as you can in your analysis of the chalk submissions which will strengthen the participatory voting system in place.
Frost Park Challengers are encouraged to vote as well for an additional perspective to the event.
Each person gets one vote.  Votes will be accepted until midnight on Friday after which the winner will be declared.  Votes will be accepted starting at 1:00 p.m.
Please use the word "vote" for easy reference to the chalk submission that you believe is the best.

Frost Park Chalk Off Scoreboard (Synopsis of Episodes I - XII)

Frost Park Chalk Off Rule Book

Flickr Group Photo pool (28 members, 906 photos)

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by Erik on 8/15/2008 @ 12:53am

Dave L. was able to complete RR Anderson's puzzle near dark at Maxwells:

New Stowe Battle Art / Playing Car by Stowe

Full size:


One of Stowe's best cards IMO

by Elle on 8/15/2008 @ 8:39am
Dang it, I'm swamped with work and have no sketch this week. AND I'm child free today. Oh well... maybe next week.

by MarkMonlux on 8/15/2008 @ 9:33am
Many thanks to Stowe for the great player's card. I laughed my head off! I hope to make it down today. I have a wonderful Tiki-Volcano design in my head.

by Erik on 8/15/2008 @ 11:12am
Looks like good weather for today with just a bit of forgiving cloud cover.

by Erik on 8/15/2008 @ 11:48am
Alright. Time for the chalking for Volcano fame.

I will post pictures here as the events transpire today:


by NineInchNachos on 8/15/2008 @ 11:57am
see you on the urban streets comrade.

by NineInchNachos on 8/15/2008 @ 1:55pm
here is my batch... please fill in the gaps with your own photos!

Andrea   Adam the Alien

Unknown Artist   Lance

Lance's Volcano Cover

Unknown Artist

Team Dawn/Stowe

Jeremy the Garfield Kid

Ariel's Cosmic Peole

Mark Monlux

RR's SolaRichard (solar richard)

RR's SolaRichard (solar richard)

(remember a vote for me is a vote for SolaRichardâ„¢ !)

by Mofo from the Hood on 8/15/2008 @ 2:07pm
Hey I vote for SolarRichard. I like how the sidewalk brickwork on the right side forms part of the whole work. It's a strong counter element to Mr. Anderson's drawing skills that are starting to show a little improvement. Now if I put my hand over the computer screen and cover the drawing to the left of the red brick, I have to think about whether that part under my hand is necessary.

by AngelaJossy on 8/15/2008 @ 2:24pm
I vote for my daughter Jesse's tribute to Tacoma School of the Arts (SOTA). She's covered in dirt, chalk and actual blood but we're both very proud of the eye popping color of her creation. She is indeed and army of one!!! Go team Jesse!

by NineInchNachos on 8/15/2008 @ 2:26pm
thanks mofo. a vote from you is a reward in itself.

solar richard

by NineInchNachos on 8/15/2008 @ 2:27pm
anybody get a good pic of the red hot folks? I couldn't get a good shot.

by joel413 on 8/15/2008 @ 2:46pm
This week my vote is for Adam the Alien. I like how he incorporates the 'Alter Egos' of the Chalkies.

Those Oil Pastals sure are bright.. but apparantly a pain to wash off.

by Lance Kagey on 8/15/2008 @ 3:05pm
I vote for Lance's awesome proposed Volcano cover. November would be the perfect month for my friend, Mr. Swarner, to have Lance do the cover - it's art at work month and the whole artisan scene is exploding in Tacoma. What better to symbolize the art resurgence than a beautiful piece of lead type. I could wax romantic here but I'l just close by saying I love all of you and need you to vote for Lance's work. pleeeeeeease.


by MarkMonlux on 8/15/2008 @ 3:19pm
I vote for Lances most excellent Volcano Cover concept. Besides, he said please.

by tacomachickadee on 8/15/2008 @ 3:27pm
Currently torn between Lance's cover and Ariel's audience participation piece. Yes, in part because the audience including my three kids (even the boy's rain boots on a sunny day attire) among other folks ... but also because the photos make it look like body-shaped black holes ...

by JeremyScott on 8/15/2008 @ 3:32pm
I vote for the Garfield that ate Jon.

If you can't read what he is saying in the picture, Garfield is saying Never mess with a wild cat with fangs. Like the bloody kind. Jon is saying help from inside Garfield's mouth.

I like how my creation can eat people in one gulp.

by Erik on 8/15/2008 @ 3:35pm
Here's some more entries and pictures

Stowe and Dawn:

Andrea's Swarner Brothers:








by Dianne on 8/15/2008 @ 3:35pm
I vote for Garfield too. Garfield is looking pretty scary and I don't want to mess with him by voting for something else. I do really like his excellent angry eyes.

I really liked Ariel's interactive art and the tiki cat volcano. I really like those cats Mark is doing.

The live music was awesome. Hopefully we can get more people doing that. An open mic for music or poetry would be really cool.

by Erik on 8/15/2008 @ 3:37pm

by Erik on 8/15/2008 @ 3:48pm
Wow. Thanks Ron. A catered event with music. You went above and beyond the sponsor duties.

Here's Ron with an ultra rare Frost Park poster I gave him. My last one.

by joe gunns on 8/15/2008 @ 4:19pm
I vote 4 SOTA.

by JessicaJossy on 8/15/2008 @ 4:19pm
i vote for me. Jessica jossy. i'm a inspired sota kid. looking for a job. by the way. i was supposed to have more sota kids helping but that didn't pan out. so thats what i did on my own.

by RonSwarner on 8/15/2008 @ 4:22pm
Thanks to everyone who came out today — both artists and spectators. Amazing artwork and talent. I'm glad Article 568.50 of the Frost Park Chalk Challenge Rule Book prevents me from voting. Tough choice. Thanks to Angie and Bob for the righteous tunes. And thanks to Herban Cafe for the tasty meatballs and pink cookies. Good times.

by tommyllew on 8/15/2008 @ 4:30pm
Solar Richard is a benevolent nut, and I love the RR version. Best ever. That said, I'm voting for Lance's beautiful, shameless self promotion!

by Ms.Ajax on 8/15/2008 @ 5:09pm
Always a difficult vote...love those SOTA kids, Mark's work, but heck, Lance is one nice guy who always helps me when I ask, so Lance, my vote's for you :)

by intacoma on 8/15/2008 @ 5:11pm
my vote goes to redhot crew with the love grenade

by Adam the Alien on 8/15/2008 @ 5:32pm
There were a lot of awesome pieces. I'm especially impressed by Ariel's work this week. I also think that Jeremy's Garfield is his best yet.

However, I think that my piece is *my* best yet...and this is one of the most tantalizing prizes, to me. So I'm voting for myself.

I also advise everyone take a closer look at mine...it's a game, of sorts. Can you recognize and name all the Frost Park characters in the drawing? Click on the picture to view it at full size.

I can't wait for Kevin to upload his pictures. I'm anxious to see all the pieces this week in non-cell-phone quality.

by dawntown on 8/15/2008 @ 5:32pm
I vote for Stowe & I.

Thank you for your support

by gr8-grub on 8/15/2008 @ 5:34pm
Very refreshing to be back in Tacoma!

On that note, I vote for Dawn and Stowe's VERY refreshing Frost Park poster. It represented the event very well

by pietogo on 8/15/2008 @ 5:37pm
Wow! What a nice little set of submissions this week! I am really bummed I didn't get to come see the works-in-progress, but thankfully modern technology brings it home to enjoy! My vote this week is for Lance's beauty on cement, but shout outs go to Mark Monlux, Dawn/Stowe and RR..nice work guys! Love the stuff you guys come up with! Go Lance!

by Dave_L on 8/15/2008 @ 5:41pm
I, too, think that Meg's team Red Hot one is great. I really like Lance's seriffed T-type, and Monlux's. It's great to have the legendary Teddy chalking, and promoting the Frost Park spinoff, World Chalk 2008 (Aug. 4). Having grown up with WB/Chuck Jones, I like Andrea's clever piece. In fact, that's the one I'll vote for - Andrea's Swarner Bros. Lots of really nice ones once again, and some first-timers. Thank you to the sponsor, the musicians, Pinwheel catering, etc. etc.

by jcbetty on 8/15/2008 @ 6:07pm


I really, really, really think this is the hardest vote yet. All the players were, Phelps-like and just...awe-inspiring and I think the tying in of the sponsor as a theme was just fab-- yeah, Adam, Monlux, Andrea... this means you. Stowe/Dawn-- amazing, in-freaking-credible. Wow. Jesse-- Nice! I didn't realize you were all artsy like that! Monlux-- I think the tiki kee-kees (kitty kitty goes babytalk) was my favorite one of yours yet-- so awesome, how the volcano moved. Megan and co, I thought ours was actually Monlux' at first-- very impressive, bright, and awesome!! RR-- nice!! Lance-- fabulous, fabulous, perfect, and another fabulous. Ariel did an amazing job, Adam was impressive, Jeremy's getting those mad-Garfield skills honed in, Teddy's was great, and Andrea... how fun, cool, surprising to see a (s)Warner bros piece coming out of your hand-- not at all surprising, to see it rendered so well... It was really refreshing, to see so much levity in the works, like good food, good music, good company, and a great prize lifting people's spirits up...

Honestly, I can't decide and I need to do web check in so the kid and I can get on a flight and I need to pack and clean and meet with the dog/housitter (hi, ma!) and.... hell. I don't have, like, an hour to mull this.

so you know what, I'm gonna be all reality game-like, and vote Stowe-Dawn, cuz we have an alliance, and even though he didn't vote team Dawntown last week (ahem,) his wife did, and he did vote my turkey burger best in Meaties. And Dawn is my team-mate, and the work is pretty brutally good.

So there.
I vote team Stowe-Dawn. (kinda sounds like "showdown.")

by KevinFreitas on 8/15/2008 @ 6:19pm
Pics w00t ftw!

by RR

by Mark Monlux

by Team Red Hot

by Ariel

by Jeremy

by Stowe & Dawn

by Jessica Jossy

by Lance

by Teddy

by Andrea

by Adam the Alien

Click though to see more shots including some details of some of the work.

by KevinFreitas on 8/15/2008 @ 6:22pm
I love RR's Solar Richard this week. It's great representation of the man! The rainbow grenade always makes my ironic heart smile. Mark's tiki volcano again includes those southwest style cats which is also rad. Ariel, though I missed the participation part, touches me with those decorated silhouettes that put Apple's iPod people to shame. Crap, everybody, great work.

I gotta put my vote in for team Red Hot's rainbow grenade.

So who wants to use that power plug in the park next week to toss out some music?

by tacomachickadee on 8/15/2008 @ 6:31pm
Lil' Chickadee votes for The Red Hot folks.

Baby Chickadee votes for The Red Hot folks.

The Boy votes for Mark's volcano erupting with cats.

I'm torn. I'm torn. I'm torn. I vote for Adam's surprising detail, with a huge shout-out to Ariel's people-shaped black holes of gorgeousness.

by NineInchNachos on 8/15/2008 @ 7:23pm
adam the alien... your fedora looks more like a soupy sales' stove pipe hat, but more likely a pork pie hat. anyhow you're the master of hats in this chalk challenge.

by Girl Who <3 JUNK on 8/15/2008 @ 8:07pm

This is a flippin hard one.

ALL were super great!

But, My vote is for Stowe and Dawn.

I can't believe how they transfered that photo to concrete.


My 3 year old daughter keeps on pointing at Adam and the Alien. She's saying I like the turtle, the turtle, the turtle.

I keep on telling her it's an alien.

She's lovin Adam and the Aliens.

I'm not sure if her vote counts.

I also want to thank my brother (Byron Grant) who printed out 15 poster size of James Stowe Frost Park piece.

Thanks BRO!

by scout on 8/15/2008 @ 8:07pm
Wow I was really impressed with everyone's work this week. I loved Ariel's and was going to vote for it but the competition was incredible.

I was torn up trying to decide whether to vote for Adam - very sophisticated and funny, Stowe and Dawn - very Bill Graham Fillmore East and Westish, Ariel's was beautiful and had joyful energy, RR's Solar Richard was a great portrait of an interesting character, Andrea's was a clever play on the sponsor and incredibly well-drawn with dimension and action.

The Hotdogger's love grenade was nonviolently "heart-warming, Mark's kitties were explosive, and Jeremy delivered, like he promised, the fiercest Garfield yet.

Angela's daughter's piece was intensely colorful, and Teddy's piece was very organic and representative of his artistic voice. His first time participation was a strong endorsement by a Tacoma art patriarch of this fantastic community event.


This week's Frost Park Challenge prize was made for Lance. He simply is the man for the job. The piece he did today was cool, timely, and a great Lance stylized representation of Tacoma's favorite weekly rag. I can hardly wait to see the masterpiece Lance will create in his artistic element.

Congratulations Lance. This vote's for you!

PS Angela's music performance was great to hear and inspired the best chalk-off pieces to date.

by Adam the Alien on 8/15/2008 @ 8:17pm
My 3 year old daughter keeps on pointing at Adam and the Alien. She's saying I like the turtle, the turtle, the turtle.

I keep on telling her it's an alien.

Well, there is a winged turtle helmet in the same drawing...and I do absolutely LOVE turtles (I have a collection of turtle statues, toys and such). So I'm willing to compromise with your kidling and say it's an alien that evolved from a turtle.

by Jennifer Boutilier -- Underdog City on 8/15/2008 @ 8:21pm
Another vote for RR's Solar Richard.

Free energy from the sun, indeed!

by Erik on 8/15/2008 @ 8:26pm
There's some extra content in the close up shots:

Two good turtle Helmets:

Adam's RR w/helmet. Also, check out the "scary Elle":

Andrea's Swarner Brothers helmet

Lance's Volcano piece asks "What is a Chalk Off":

Then he answers his question.

by scout on 8/15/2008 @ 8:38pm
Big thanks to Byron Grant for the beautiful posters - I was honored to be gifted one. Thanks Wonder Woman One Store too!

by Girl Who <3 JUNK on 8/15/2008 @ 9:33pm
I can't believe my 3 year old saw the turtle hat and I did not.


I think she's a future Frost Park Chalk artisit.

Thanks Angela for your great music.

My friend had her windows opened on the fifth floor of the Winthrop and was listening to your music.

She loved it.

I love the "Skinny Girls" song!

by Erik on 8/15/2008 @ 9:35pm
A great set of entries.

Lance's "Volcano" submission nails it though with and he even takes a reverse prop to himself with the bridge. The other headlines do well also.

I vote for Lance.

by NineInchNachos on 8/15/2008 @ 9:50pm
I vote for SolaRichard. Although Lance did an awesome job and I know he would do something to promote the greater-good-arts-in-tacoma beautiful angle style... I'm voting for RR because I think he would come up with something really subversive that has the potential of being seen by the general's wife.

My pride votes RR, but my heart votes Lance.

Adam the alien, keep up the good work. you're rockin!

by NineInchNachos on 8/15/2008 @ 9:56pm
Jeremy's garfield is going to give me nightmares tonight.

Team Red Hot hit another homer too.

I still like the ghostly rendition of the phantom volcano page.

Teddy has probably inspired a parody RR piece next frost park challenge ;)

by WaywardScooterGirl on 8/15/2008 @ 10:03pm
I vote for Stowe and Dawn's inner children...teeny tiny little children.

by AngelaJossy on 8/15/2008 @ 10:03pm
Thanks Deidre and everyone else who complimented the music. While I was singing I noticed several people at the Winthrop leaning out their windows. It was actually a very cool sight to see. Also, none of them shot me with a BB gun so that was also a bonus! *smile*

by AngelaJossy on 8/15/2008 @ 10:12pm
BTW my friend says he's been trying all day to create a profile so he can log in and vote and its not working.

by ElectricElliot on 8/15/2008 @ 10:28pm
Fantastic job by everyone once again. I've been following the week by week while I've been out of town.

While there are a lot of amazing pieces this week, I'm going to have to abstain from voting until I can witness these masterpieces in person again.

Kudos, though, to Team Red Hot ;)

by Where the World Spins on 8/15/2008 @ 10:37pm
I gotta vote fer me homey Sir Lancelot!

by anubismp on 8/15/2008 @ 10:43pm
I vote for monlux's volcano cats

by ensie on 8/15/2008 @ 10:47pm
Looks like Frost Park was rockin' today. While I'm happy to be employed again, I really miss being able to attend Frost Park Fridays.

I was lucky enough to run into Adam the Alien at the supermarket last night, so I got a sneak preview of his planned artwork, and boy - did it pan out. It really reminds me of the artworkby Mary GrandPre on the Harry Potter covers:


As gorgeous as the other pieces are - and they are amazing - I have to vote for Adam and his vision that includes so many of the other artists. I really like that part of it.

I also want to give props to Jeremy who has really upped his work over the last few weeks to include full strips, and whole new imagery. Very cool. Mark's cats are so awesome, and Ariel's use of black with color is beautifully inspired, as is the inclusiveness of the work. Stowe, Dawn, Andrea, Lance, and Andrea have completed talented, professional pieces that would be perfect for the cover of the Volcano - as would anyone else I failed to mention.

Excellent work everyone! I'm so impressed!

by judges19merescued on 8/15/2008 @ 10:48pm
I vote for Sota kid. Tell your friends that they were goofy to not show up. Free vehicle to get your art to the masses, eh? Bring a team-mate next Friday (unless you're working!). Love to see Sota represented!

by aylalala on 8/15/2008 @ 10:55pm
The volcano cats are a close second, but I vote for Andrea's Swarner Bros.

by tacomachickadee on 8/15/2008 @ 11:08pm
We miss you Ensie ... and Frinklin. But congrats on employment!

by Rue on 8/15/2008 @ 11:23pm
Solar Richard gets my vote. I'm not sure what Richard has to do with the Volcano, but I would sure like to see what RR could do with an uncensored cover!

by ALT on 8/15/2008 @ 11:32pm
Great 19th Chalk Off! Perhaps the best yet? Lots of participants, great entries - even music and catering! Today certainly ranks up there among the most lively Chalk Challenges held. Damn Angela - that was some powerful and passionate singing. Thank you so much for the beautiful music!

Adam the Alien's piece is the strongest and most encompassing piece he's done to date (Though his entry last week has got to be my fav!); Monlux's Tiki Kitties are a colorful explosion of tribal feline exuberance; Stowe and Dawn's Inner Child is striking, colorful, and impressive in its dimensions.

It was a tough decision, but I must vote for R.R.'s Sola Richard. Striking color and contrast, awesome scale, and great technique. Plus Richard's a cool guy. :)

by lynndin on 8/15/2008 @ 11:42pm
well, I vote for lance's Volcano cover but it's not an easy choice because others are stunning as well: Stowe and Dawn's, RR's Solar Richard, Jesse's colorful work. . . I also love the Garfield this particular week. . .

by tacomachickadee on 8/15/2008 @ 11:49pm
With 10 minutes to go (and leaving off at lynndin) the count is:

Lance: 9

Adam: 5 (including the 3-year-old)
Dawn & Stowe: 5
RR: 5
Red Hot: 5

Jessica Jossy: 4

Mark: 2
Andrea: 2
Jeremy: 2

by tacomachickadee on 8/15/2008 @ 11:57pm
And an honorable mention, at least from our household, to Ariel. Damn. Black holes of beauty!

by Adam the Alien on 8/15/2008 @ 11:59pm
Clearly, this is some kind of karmic retribution for the fact that I ended up drawing Lance so tiny in my piece. :-D

by tacomachickadee on 8/16/2008 @ 12:05am
AdamTheAlien has met his fate. Don't test the powers of the Beautiful Angle fairies.

Lance ... while there is likely need to double-check my red wine influenced tallies, I'm pretty sure your win is legit. Congrats! Have fun! We may all soon have a frame-able Volcano front page ...*

*Since we are in the shadow of a full moon, I leave the caveat of this comment NOT being a knock on the Volcano. I'm simply saying that Lance is a really cool dude and should be able to create a very unique cover.

p.s. The Volcano pulled out all the stops at Frost Park this week. Wow. Thank you. Wow. And keep up the good work.

by Erik on 8/16/2008 @ 12:18am
Lance ... while there is likely need to double-check my red wine influenced tallies, I'm pretty sure your win is legit. Congrats!

Far be it for me to challenge tacomachickadee's addition.

Lance Kagey prevails in Episode XIX, his second win in the Frost Park Chalk Offs

Congratulations Lance!

(Lance getting crowned with Hathaway's hat after prevailing in Episode VIII)

by Erik on 8/16/2008 @ 12:23am
Swarner's Volcano Cover Coup

Frost Park fan and sponsor Ron Swarner did pretty well. He has secured Lance Kagey of Beautiful Angle to design the Volcano Cover for a mere $150. Perhaps Lance's piece will cause the Volcano cover to become frameable art or at least be recycled more slowly.

Lance has won some pretty key prizes at Frost Park, the first being a hand made glass trophy.

Angela Jossy's music

I have been in downtown Tacoma almost daily since 1992. I can't remember any band every setting up with speakers with signing. It may have been the first performance in 30 years.

At any rate, great performance Angela. It took the Chalk Offs and Frost Park itself to a new level. The music so enhanced the "chalking hour" between noon and one o'clock.

Frost Park

This park has a suprisingly number of things going for it:

1) Curb Parking immediately adjacent

2) Shade for catering and people trying to get out of the sun.

3) Vertical chalking spaces which have many advantages

4) Immediately adjacent stores to buy water and restrooms

5) A ton of foot traffic to gather spectators

6) Power outlet for music

7) A built in audience and adjacent buildings creating a urban theater of the round.

by Adam the Alien on 8/16/2008 @ 12:23am
Double-checked your win-influenced tallies (I'd been keeping score most of the day, anyway, and just had to add the last few votes) - by my count, the only one you're off on is the Red Hot count (I counted four, the only possible fifth being the kudos from the otherwise abstaining-from-voting ElectricElliot). I'm influenced by sleepiness and cleaning fumes, though, so I may just be crazy.

In any case, congrats to Lance! And I'll echo the many thanks to the Volcano for the shindig they gave us today. I'd like to see this happen more often - it's fun! Plus, I can listen to music without putting my headphones on...which means I can converse with people nearby *and* have music to draw by. The best of both worlds! So thank you, too, to Angela for the wonderful music!

by tacomachickadee on 8/16/2008 @ 12:35am
AdamTheAlien: I did include Electric Elliot's kudos. You're good.

TacomaUrbanist: Thanks for the trust. Of course, if it was any closer, I'm sure many folks would be triple-counting.

Lance: Lookin' forward to the cover!

Volcano: You so got a deal! Lookin' forward to the cover!

by JessicaJossy on 8/16/2008 @ 1:07am
everyone agrees my mom did an absolutely amazing show today despite the heat.
ha ray to lance who was working right next to me. that drawing was awesome.

by dawntown on 8/16/2008 @ 9:24am
Has anyone seen my butt?

I lost it at Frost Park somewhere...

If found, please return to Dawn Fortner
Reward To Be Determined.

Thank You

by NineInchNachos on 8/16/2008 @ 9:38am
on lace doing the volcano....

any historical preservation techniques/tips for newsprint?

by scout on 8/16/2008 @ 10:48am
RR are you suggesting putting Dawn's Butt on lace on the Cover of the Volcano? Have you run that by Ron? Also regarding historic preservation, I'm thinking that you'll need formaldehyde (see Damien Hirst) and I don't know how Dawn will feel about that.

by scout on 8/16/2008 @ 10:49am
Also can you "Do" the Volcano? Sounds kind of messy

by Ron on 8/16/2008 @ 11:08am
Congrats Lance. I'll give you a buzz to chat cover.

by MarkMonlux on 8/16/2008 @ 11:20am
I'm looking forward to seeing the final cover as well. I remember the days when comps were done with markers, but I don't recall any comps in chalk. I feel all misty eyed and nostalgic.

by tacomachickadee on 8/16/2008 @ 11:33am
I'm guessing no more wax either. Unless the reporters are at the spa ...

by NineInchNachos on 8/16/2008 @ 12:11pm
matt driscoll writes extensively about doing the volcano here:


by Erik on 8/16/2008 @ 12:39pm
Here's the Volcano's coverage of Episode XIX Chalk Off via Ron Swarner (who appears to have written the post himself)

Lance Kagey of Beautiful Angle and Russell Investments won the Frost Park Chalk Off #19 Friday at Frost Park in downtown Tacoma. His chalk drawing of a potential Weekly Volcano cover grabbed the most votes on the Tacoma Urbanist’s blog. Kagey won the opportunity to draw a future cover of the Weekly Volcano.

Special thanks to all the artists and spectators who spent their lunch hour at Frost Park. Thanks to Angie Jossy and Bob Crow for the music. And a big warm thanks to the Herban Cafe for the delicious food.

Thanks for a fun afternoon everyone. Nice job Lance.


They have a pretty good photo set as well via J.M. Simpson:


by jenyum on 8/17/2008 @ 10:32am
I got wrapped up in other stuff Friday night and forgot to vote. I would have voted for Sola Richard, but Lance's piece would have been a close second. Not that it matters!

Finally put up some photos too.


by herban on 8/17/2008 @ 3:07pm
Thank yous to all. It is always an honor to be included in the Chalk offs, and to be paid for a gig by Mr Swarner makes it even more sweet ( blatant capatalist comment).

See you all soon.

Steve and Gretchen

by Dave_L on 8/17/2008 @ 4:51pm
Congratulations, Lance. As a fan of original illustration art (though I own none) in what form will the original be in, and what will happen to it?
...[Teddy’s] first time participation was a strong endorsement by a Tacoma art patriarch of this fantastic community event. I’m glad you mentioned that, Scout. It was feeling like I stepped onto a parallel Tacoma universe where everything looked the same but no one knew who Teddy was. By the way, I did a typo on my first comment – The spinoff World Chalk event (which will not have any specific name or location connected with it) will be October 4th (obviously not August). As soon as a rudimentary website gets setup, that reserved url wil be working. It was a neat Friday of forward thinking and nostalgia. I never worked in print, but I did own a Cub printing press, and I’ve cut some Rubylith once or twice. Well, off to find a spear and magic helmet…

by Erik on 8/17/2008 @ 5:37pm
So who wants to use that power plug in the park next week to toss out some music?

I nominate Izenmania if he (and his dad) is willing.


by Dave_L on 8/17/2008 @ 5:46pm
Barely off-topic: It's nice to see submissions by Chalk-Off regulars among the fantastic entries in the Grand Cinema Tacoma Film Festival Poster contest, as reported in Ponnekanti's Go Arts blog: blogs.thenewstribune.com/arts/2008/08/12...
Oh, and like other artists, musicians should be paid when asked to perform, so I hope that's in the planning :-)

by scout on 8/17/2008 @ 7:13pm
"Oh, and like other artists, musicians should be paid when asked to perform, so I hope that's in the planning :-)"

Artists of all makes and sizes - be it musicians, fine artists, graphic artists, illustrators or whatever the trade, job description, or individual talent/passion is....should always be paid for their services.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy - we want to please, we want to fight for the cause, and are frequently willing to work for free.

And there are more than enough people asking this of us on a regular basis.

It's a good thing to give back to the community, to donate our skills and artwork to a worthy cause, something that we feel strongly about.

It is a personal decision made by each artist who should be the recipient of these gifts and how many times per year this should be done.

However if we don't have reasonable limits on what we do for free, our work is cheapened and the unfortunate stereotype of the "starving artists" is perpetuated ad infinitum.

It is a reasonable idea to be able to make a living as an artist, though few of us can. It is an unAmerican anomaly to love your work being that most Americans are firmly wedded to the Calvinistic ideal of capitalism - that only hard work and suffering produce success, That's probably why America has so many drug addicts and alcoholics.

by AngelaJossy on 8/17/2008 @ 8:28pm
The chalkies aren't getting paid so I think the musicians could and would volunteer because no one is making money here. What ticks musicians off is when somebody charges a cover and sells alcohol but expects them to work for free.

This is a totally different deal.

You're opening up a whole 'nother can o' worms if you start talking about money. A token of appreciation (perhaps from from the weekly sponsor) like a gift certificate, a fedora, a framed piece of art, etc. would be a nice thank you gift though.

- just my opinion -


PS. Technically I volunteered for the gig since I gave the money from my performance to my guitar player who drove down from Seattle. The sound man was a volunteer too.

by AngelaJossy on 8/17/2008 @ 8:31pm
You could also thank them by buying a few of their CDs while they are there.

by Erik on 8/17/2008 @ 9:16pm
You could also thank them by buying a few of their CDs while they are there.

True. At a minimum, artists playing at Frost Park could certainly promote their next gig and CDs between numbers.

The exposure is pretty good. Usually there are between 4 to 6 photo sets taken by Tacoma bloggers that get seen by many hundreds of people online.

I see Angela's performance was reported in the Volcano and she had her performance permanently recorded in the online photo sets of Tacomamamma, JM Simpson, Kevin Freitas, and the Urbanist plus she is on the main voting thread.

Thus, its a good place to get one's name and face known pretty efficiently and quickly in the Tacoma blogosphere whatever that is worth.

In the end though, playing at Frost Park is going to taken on by someone who is inclined to play in such an atmosphere.

Now that we know there is power for performers at Frost Park, there is an opportunity for musicians and for people who want to line performers up.

by scout on 8/17/2008 @ 9:44pm
The Chalkies have made this event their contribution to the community.

In my opinion everyone else that is involved should be or probably is paid for their involvement, or has made a conscious decision to work for free and at least benefit from a tax write-off. This can be done by one artist paying another to participate, or trading for services.

At some point people pay for services e.g. I would guess that the Volcano paid the Herban Cafe for their catering at last week's Chalk-Off., which is a good thing.

All I am saying is to make sure that, when applicable, artists are included in the group that gets paid.

by tacomachickadee on 8/17/2008 @ 11:31pm
The "will work for attention" is definitely a slippery slope.

As an occasional (once regular) freelance writer, I'm happy to donate services to a small number of causes I deem worthy and broke, and when I can afford it. But I'm always sad to see fellow super-talented writers sometimes write for free in areas that should not be freebies. It shows a lack of respect of the field from the folks not even ponying up a nominal amount, and it cheapens the field as a whole.

Now, the Frost Park Fridays and the chalk-offs are an interesting topic when it comes to art and pay, as this is an event with no true leader. An event with no budget. An event with no fee for participation. And it's great when folks pony up to bring down some food or entertainment. And it's great when the food and entertainment just shows up.

But the key: Each Friday, folks show up without expectations.

It could be a big crowd, or a few lunchers. It could be the chalkie "pros" or just us amateurs. It could be an adults-only event, or perhaps a dozen kids roaming the park. It could be hella hot, or freakin' cold.

The givens: It will be Friday. It will be at Frost Park.

Odds are there will be chalk.

And people with their lunches. Or folks just there to chat.

But otherwise, no expectations. No predispositions. A lovely lunch. A bit o' fun. Sometimes a bunch.

And even the rules are just for entertainment.


by Dave_L on 8/18/2008 @ 8:17am
Good discussion, and having spent many years of my volunteer life with an organization that supports local musicians, I cringe when people expect musicians to play for the exposure. It’s the old saying about the starving artists dying from exposure. So I’m with Scout’s advice and opinion to be balanced and careful. But I’ll be first in line if someone wants to toss out some free lawyerin’ on Friday. Just kidding, Erik. Sort of.

by izenmania on 8/18/2008 @ 9:29am
The short version is: the only way a musician is going to get paid at Frost Park is if the sponsor for the week wants to step up and cover it, in addition to a prize. As TC says, there are no expectations. If there's nobody who wants to play for free in a given week, then there won't be music, and nobody will be grief-stricken over it.

Bring a tip jar. Bring a box of CDs. Maybe people will buy stuff, maybe they won't. I think we're best off treating music in Frost Park as busking with a power outlet, rather than as a lunchtime concert. At most, we can organize a bit to make sure that we don't get overlap, but other than that... no expectations.

That said... I'm certainly willing to step up and play a bit this Friday if no-one else is so inclined. As long as I can figure out some means of getting my gear down the hill.

by Girl Who <3 JUNK on 8/18/2008 @ 9:56am
This subject about maybe wanting to get paid for this and that at the Frost Park is getting too detailed for me.

I'm so new to all of this. So please, please forgive me.

I thought the main reason is to Take Back Frost Park.

To not have Gates or fences up blocking this awesome park.

I thought it was a place to meet and sit and have lunch with the community.

To show off your skills to have the public enjoy your art and have fun doing it.

The pay thing takes ALL the fun out of it.

But, I like the idea of having CD's out for sell.

by NineInchNachos on 8/18/2008 @ 10:03am
busking of all design welcome

by scout on 8/18/2008 @ 10:14am
It was just a discussion - not a mandate -

However One Store has a new take on performing for free that I haven't heard yet - if you aren't willing to do it then you aren't any fun...

by Girl Who <3 JUNK on 8/18/2008 @ 10:49am
True, it's just a discussion.

I'm getting ahead of the whole thing.

The new friends I've met at Frost Park has been great.

by izenmania on 8/18/2008 @ 11:07am
However One Store has a new take on performing for free that I haven't heard yet - if you aren't willing to do it then you aren't any fun...

I don't think she said that at all. In THIS context, it is not about pay, or organized performance. I'm all for performers getting paid for concerts. But it's not going to happen at Frost Park, and I don't think it should, unless a sponsor feels like stepping up. Look at the situation with Herban: they've been coming down with free appetizers or desserts every couple weeks. That helps them spread the word about their business, and now on two occasions they've been paid to come do a full catering job at the park.

In my opinion everyone else that is involved should be or probably is paid for their involvement, or has made a conscious decision to work for free and at least benefit from a tax write-off.

Well... there isn't really anyone else involved. There are the chalkies. There are the people sitting around. And there are the prize sponsors. There is no organization, hence why there is no money to pay anyone anything.

by intacoma on 8/18/2008 @ 11:17am
is someone wants to pay me to sit in the park please let me know asap!

by scout on 8/18/2008 @ 11:21am
Only if you could promise not to be an ass

by izenmania on 8/18/2008 @ 11:29am
I don't think he can keep that promise.

by droid116 on 8/18/2008 @ 11:35am
As I hiked the trail that lead to Snow Lake up on Mount Rainier, marveling at the contrast of 90 degree weather and snow, chasing down my daughter who had spent half the day in the creek and still had the stamina for the incline, I thought to myself, "I wonder how the Chalk Off is going?"

OK, I didn't really.

But on my return I am very impressed by the entries, wish I could have heard the fabulous music and am looking forward to Lance's cover work.

by Erik on 8/18/2008 @ 11:57am
That said... I'm certainly willing to step up and play a bit this Friday if no-one else is so inclined.

Thanks izenmania. That would be cool.

We are still in the beta testing mode for music. No doubt you will get blogospheric and photographic hype for your band.

I will throw in a picture of these hipster icons at the "Gloom House" for members of the band for good measure:


Anyone interested in lining up perks and/or sponsors for the band and line up other future music or poetry is free to jump in. Frost Park is a blank creative slate.

by FunkomaVintage on 8/19/2008 @ 9:51am
when is the: Take Back Frost Park...part gonna die an unnatural death. all legal activities are allowed in the park.see the posted rules...sitting, chatting, singing, sleeping....chalking..kynd panhandling....... geez, when's the mayor and the city mis-manager gonna show up and chalk??