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Aug. 2, 2011 at 12:01am

Watch Candidates David Boe and Ryan Mello on League of Woman Voters Debate on THE ISSUES

Key Issues Discussed: Billboards and Light Rail Expansion


Listen here for Councilmember Boe's comments (starts at 2:55).  Boe opposes digital billboards at 13:00. (States he "will fight very hard against them")
Listen here for Councilmember Mello's comments (starts at 15:10).  Mello discusses light rail expansion (which there is already money set aside for at 23:30.

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by Erik on 8/2/2011 @ 12:51am
Lauren Walker speaks against digital billboards at (1:17:30)

City Council candidates Anders Ibsen and Karen Smitherman come out swinging against the threat of digital billboards in Tacoma at the League of Women Voters of Tacoma-Pierce County debate (forward to 56:10):​d/ondemand...