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Mar. 3, 2010 at 11:25pm

3 March - I want you to be happy day

I'm happy! Today I explored the 72nd/Portland St area.
My first stop - Thrift City,904 72nd St. E,the parking lot is filthy! What,you say, does that have to do with anything? We all know we shouldn't judge but first impressions? Life's an adventure so I'm going in! Oh boy, first glance inside, not filthy by any means but not too inviting. This shop is definitely for thrift shopper pros, ready to roll up their sleeves and wade in. Ladies, don't think about trying on anything in this store, the smallest, most dismal dressing room ever and it doesn't lock! Although the comments so far have been a bit negative, I found a 100%silk dress for $9, YES!

As I'm walking back to the car, I noticed a Taco Bus, Taqueria El Jacalito. I guess I was so fixated on the dirty parking lot that it didn't register on my brain - FOOD. I've already had lunch so I'll have to come back. A nice size menu, tacos listed at 99cents. The area around the Taco Bus is very clean.

Just down the street is Cappy's Produce,1232 72nd St.E. A farmer's market stand inside a converted store front. Fresh produce, great prices. I bought basil with roots attached, 2 for $2.99 and Yukon Gold Potatoes for 99cents lb. (these are the best potatoes, reminds me of the ones I ate while living in Germany).

Across the street is Goodwill. Today green tags were 99cents and purple was 50% off. I walked out with 3 wide belts, less than $3 and a beautiful maternity top that I'll take to my shop.

Time to go home!

I passed the Portland Street Nursery and it reminds me (again) that I need to start spring clean-up and set an appointment with the women of Serenity Gardens to give me some help with my yard. We can't know it all, so go to those that are experts in their field.

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