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Jun. 12, 2010 at 10:00am

Friday, 11 June...Hugs Day

What a nice day I had yesterday! Thursday's Farmers' Market day down on Broadway so my Mom and I walked over and soaked up the sights and sounds of the market.

I picked up a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I keep forgetting to include a pic but promise to do so next week.

Our lunch was 4 potato latkes with sour cream. We had to wait while they finished cooking so the cook included applesauce. Who could imagine that just latkes could fill you up for lunch? But of course, isn't there always room for dessert? My Mom got a gingersnap cookie and I opted for a cheese danish from Grand Central. I've got to buy 2 of the cheese danish next time and TRY and save one for my tea in the morning.

My garden's lacking a few things so I picked up a parsley plant and a mixed salad plant (I think it's called mesculan). A little bit pricey but I know my money's going to the gardener that I paid and she can impart so much information.


Typical Western Washington weather being what it is, rain came pouring down later in the day and I saw something that made my heart sing!! A woman and child were walking down the sidewalk and a huge truck slowed down beside them. The passenger window rolled down, the driver leaned out with an umbrella, opened it and extended it out to the woman. Since I was in my house, I couldn't hear if words were exchanged but it wasn't necessary. This GENTLEMAN, saw a need, helped out and moved on his way. He didn't have to stop, he was nice and dry in his truck but in that instant he saw what he could do to help. This small act of kindness brought tears to my eyes. We can and do so many things out of pure kindness to others. Please remember this act when next you read about some ugly thing that another human being has done against society.

Today's Hug Day!!

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