Fabric Footprints

Feb. 17, 2010 at 2:09am

Thrift shop findings

I've decided this year to make it my goal to purchase all of my clothes, except shoes (I wear a size 10 and as a good friend of mine said, "folks have their own way of walking in shoes") thru secondhand shops. 

Not only will this support my need to be fashionable and stick to a budget, which frees up more money to attend local entertainment, but it will help to support locally owned businesses (most are owned by women)!

So now that I've made my goal public here's my first foray:

I hit Value Village for their President's Day 50% clothing sale.  Dressed in easy to pull off clothes, I found a pure silk Talbots dress and an equally beautiful Bisou Bisou dress - $5 each!



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