Fabric Footprints

Mar. 11, 2010 at 11:46pm

Thursday 11 March - Worship of Tools Day

My tools to worship are my dressmaker shears and my Husqvarna sewing machine!

I'll put both to use this weekend on a cute swing skirt I purchased at Sage (inside Sanford & Son Antiques)for $10. I love swing skirts cause they hide your hips and give a wonderful flow to the body as you move.

On to Crochet Circle after work tonight but couldn't pass by Valley Liquidation, 9813Pacific Ave without stopping. Although this store sells all manner of items, what I shop for is the produce. You read it correctly, produce. Don't let the ugly yellow building and cyclone fence fool you, the prices are beyond compare. I bought 3 pears, 1 English cuke, 3 big lemons and 5 small avocados. My bill, $3.49!!! and I had a nice conversation with a guy that told me all the ways to fix an avocado. Military discount day is Monday.

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