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Sep. 25, 2009 at 8:00am

First Night Entertainment Taking Shape

2010, Enter the Tiger

Just some of the fierce New Year's Eve 
entertainment we already have planned:

  • The Glass Museum's Mobile Hot Shop
  • We plan to blow up or burn as many things as possible. We'll let you know how that end of things is progressing.
  • Plans are in the works for a combination Black Gospel Choir and Cantor/Jewish Choir presentation. Should be unbelievably cool.

  • Our hip-hop stage producer, Quincy Henry, has just made it into the first round of Grammy nominations for a number of categories. Nice.
  • Lucas Smiraldo is collaborating with the Urban Orchestra and Speak Your Soul poets to fill a stage with music and spoken word.
  • The Tacoma City Ballet and Pearl Django are working together to fill a stage with gypsy jazz and ballet. More to follow on that one.
  • Barefoot Collective has already scouted out some sites to do a really fantastically creative interactive dance that includes the audience in both dance and choreography.
  • Angela Jossy has just taken on the task of organizing an electronica dance stage at her new Speakeasy space on Broadway.
  • And finally, the wonderful folks at Tullys are opening their venue as a stage this year.
Next time we post a list, this list should be a lot longer! Tell your friends to send their ideas now! Also needed: a metal artist to bring our Year of the Metal Tiger to artistic life, and oh..... money! It's a lean year for everyone, no point trying to hide it. If you'd like to help bring more great entertainment to downtown Tacoma this New Year's eve (or even if you just want to see some cool stuff blow up) please stop by our website and make a donation.

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