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by Mandiferous on 11/28/2007 @ 8:21am
Would love to, but the link doesn't work!

by tacomachickadee on 11/28/2007 @ 8:47am
Me thinks you can also find it at:

by KevinFreitas on 11/28/2007 @ 8:47am
Can you list some of the highlights for us? Any special deals?

by tacomachickadee on 11/28/2007 @ 9:12am
Several restaurants are offering 10-15% discounts on New Year's Eve in coordination with the First Night event (with First Night button). Stadium Bistro is even extending offering a 15% discount on food purchases the entire week BEFORE the event to anyone with a First Night button.

But really ... the list is long ... 25 restaurants on the list so far, and most have something special going on whether it be discounts or late hours or special music ... or free tumblers at Tully's to the first 100 First Night button holders. Just saying ... check it out!

by tacomachickadee on 11/28/2007 @ 9:13am
Great work TacomaMama for gathering all that into and mapping it out on the website!

by KevinFreitas on 11/28/2007 @ 9:19am
Very cool, thanks for sharing! I can't wait!

by jenyum on 11/28/2007 @ 9:30am
link is fixed! Sorry about that.

by droid116 on 11/28/2007 @ 9:32am
I second the "Great Work TacomaMama" motion. All in favor? The mapping was very helpful and gives a great visual for all the restaurants participating. Given the size of my brood, the Varsity having it's kids eat free with an adult meal purchase and the 15% off on top is a tempting offer. If it is just the wife and I then perhaps the Pacific Grill, as I can't resist the mystery of "a special menu including fun party surprises."

by jenyum on 11/29/2007 @ 8:10pm
I have more updates to add: Puget Sound Pizza and Infinite Soups. Infinite Soups will be providing free samples at PSP, and a free roll with your soup at their own location.

I'll add them to the map tomorrow, hopefully. It takes a bit since I have to re-number and create those little number icons from scratch.

Thanks for all the kind words!


First Night is Tacoma and Pierce County's New Year's Eve festival; a family-friendly, alcohol-free, and most of all fabulously FUN celebration.

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