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Dec. 22, 2007 at 8:33pm

Pirate Gear Spotted Around Town

Arrrr!  While Christmas shopping on Pacific today, I noticed that Learning Sprout has a whole pirate section, right up front, with lots of great stuff like flags (Join in the parade!) and maps and costumes and all manner of treasure.

I've also seen pirate gear at Crescent Moon at Freighthouse Square, and of course Northwest Costume on 6th always has the hook up for all your pretend needs.  I'm sure there's more to be found around Tacoma, feel free to pass on your own pirate sightings.

Get your gear on, and set sail for the Theater District this New Year's Eve.  Don't forget to buy your button, or you'll have to walk the plank.

(psst, if you missed it, the whole entertainment lineup is now online.)

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by KevinFreitas on 12/22/2007 @ 10:34pm
Funkoma mentions in their latest blog entry they'll have some custom created pirate coats and hats available for sale this week after Christmas.

by intacoma on 12/23/2007 @ 2:02am
thats great! If you need some ideas and your a woman check out here should be a great night to people watch :)


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