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Dec. 31, 2007 at 9:42am

When We Say All Ages, We Mean All Ages

The following information for families with young children in no way implies that tragically, tragically hip adults will not have a good time at First Night.  Having said that, here's what I recommend for the little ones:

12-5 PM:  Museum of Glass and Washington State History Museum honor First     Night buttons for admission.  Kids 7 and under free with an adult sporting a button.  Catch the Model Train Festival at the History Museum before it rolls out of town!

5-7 PM:  Children's Museum of Tacoma honors First Night buttons.  Fold your own pirate hat and get ready for the parade.

6-6:45 PM:  Catch Valentine's Performing Pigs at the Rialto

6-7 PM: Performances by Grant Elementary at SOTA.

7-7:30 PM:  Parade down Broadway, from 13th to 7th.  Pirates, flying monkeys on unicycles, and more!  Laugh as I attempt to direct people.

7:30 + :  Lots of kid-friendly stuff at the Rialto, including Geoff Kanick (magician and juggler) and Professor Bamboozle later in the evening.

Ongoing:  FOOD - check out the list of open restaurants, and print the page.  Includes a handy map!  For kids, Varsity is a good bet if they aren't too crowded, Puget Sound Pizza is great, the Harmon can work, and El Toro is usually a good bet for us.  Some restaurants offer discounts for button holders, and all are great!

See you there tonight! 

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by thriceallamerican on 12/31/2007 @ 11:05am
I'd be interested in seeing a separate post about why tragically-hip, happily-childless late-20/early-30-somethings would want to hit First Night? What for us if we don't want to be swarmed by rugrats?

by KevinFreitas on 12/31/2007 @ 11:51am
As long as kids only attend the events listed above, my to-do list for tonight should be kid-free! I would imagine that most kids will probably be outta there after 9pm anyway.

by tacomachickadee on 12/31/2007 @ 11:51am
Check out The Elephants!

by NEAL on 12/31/2007 @ 12:24pm
Ah, go to the grown up music ... our kids, or the majority at least, will probably head back to the homefront around 10 or so with g'pa.

You'll find hipsters to hang out with, I'm sure.

by thriceallamerican on 12/31/2007 @ 12:59pm
Excellent responses, all.

I just thought it might help to feed the fire. Sometimes the childless hear "all-ages" and run full-bore the opposite direction.

by thriceallamerican on 12/31/2007 @ 1:04pm
...especially when said even also sports the "alcohol-free" label...

by jenyum on 12/31/2007 @ 2:24pm
That was why the disclaimer. People have been emailing about kid stuff, so I thought I'd pass on my list, as I can speak to that personally.

Spew's been posting about what they'd do this week, Kevin's posted his itinerary, and pretty much everything after nine is more suited to adults other than Professor Bamboozle at the Rialto.

I'm figuring you will probably want to skip the pigs and the pirate hat making at the Kid's museum, other than that, you'll be seeing a less kid-filled crowd.

by Carlos on 12/31/2007 @ 8:35pm
For the record, I wouldn't want my kids hanging with you all either.

Have a great time tonight, anyway.

Happy New Year Kevin and Sarah!


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