Frost Park Chalk Challenge Central

Jun. 19, 2009 at 6:42am

Frost Park CC: Season 2 Episode 12

Sponsored by: Puget Sound Pizza

I awoke this morning to a cool mist washing me clean, that mist soon turned into a cleansing shower. Oh rain, I will not complain that you have returned you have been gone for nearly 30 days, and I have missed you. While those guys do a nice job with their buckets and brushes, you, sweet rain, you cleanse me in ways no human can.

Rain you may stay all day, it quite alright, but I'd like to have the sun kiss my face for a little while in the midday. If you don't mind that is, I know the chalkies who decorate my surfaces don't mind a little rain. It always makes for interesting creations.

Those crazy artist professional and amateur will again descend to my tiered terraces today Friday, June 19th, 2009 from noon - 1PM at S 9th and Pacific Ave.

Then once they are done someone or someones will post some pictures upon which the WORLD will vote for their favorite and bestow luscious, hot, delicious pizza upon the victor.

But don't vote here on this blog, my dear readers, for I am just a park and a location where the fun takes place. The voting and smack talk happens here.

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