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Mar. 26, 2013 at 9:35am

Season 6 Sponsorships

A little prize goes a long way

Do you have a business, event, or organization that you'd like to see get the "Frost Park Treatment?" Sponsor a week of Frost Park!

Sponsorship is easy, send us a message on our Facebook page ( , comment below, or contact Joel Larson (joel.larson at gmail dot com) or RR Anderson. All we ask is for a token prize to offer to the Greatest Illustrator in the Universe (of Tacoma) [for the week you sponsor].

Prizes can literally be anything! We've had everything from Box seats at the Rainiers to a bag of clothing destined for Goodwill! It's up to you the sponsor to decide how big or small a prize you'll offer.

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by KevinFreitas on 3/29/2013 @ 6:42am
Just setup the first event on the calendar: Also hitting social media looking for sponsors today. Looking forward to another great season of chalk in Tacoma!

by skyoga on 3/29/2013 @ 3:17pm
Hi!  We're a non-profit yoga studio on 6th ave, and would love to  sponsor a week, though I'm not totally clear what that means.  Can we sponsor with a 5-class yoga pass?  It goes as a prize to one of the artists, is that right?  I've never heard of this event, but it sounds pretty great and we'd love to support it!

by FrostPark on 3/29/2013 @ 3:47pm
Hi Skyoga!So the way it works:Every Friday from April - October, people gather at Frost Park (9th and Pacific, downtown) and draw with chalk on the walls, sidewalk, and steps. Then we take pictures and post them to social media, we encourage people to come to the Event feed on the website and cast a "Vote" via comment section and using the word "Vote" by midnight the day of the event, then someone tallies the votes up and posts who got the most votes and that person wins for the week.Sponsorship is a way to promote businesses, events, or whatever, as we will mention your business on the event for the week you sponsor, and will include your business name in our social media posts that week as well.As the sponsor, you decide the prize and how it will be rewarded. Generally, we encourage the sponsor to supply a prize for the winner. Usually, the regular artists will theme whatever they draw in a given week to the sponsor (but not always). We've had some sponsors designate a prize for whomever gets the most votes for drawing something "Yoga themed."It's totally grassroots, and completely up to you, within reason of course.There are several people you can contact for setting a date and a way to deliver a prize, the easiest person to contact for this season is: Joel Larson [joel.larson at gmail dot com] (but if you know Kevin Freitas, or RR Anderson. They are good people too)Hope this helps.

by skyoga on 3/29/2013 @ 4:05pm
Thanks!  Totally helps, and I'll get in touch with one of those guys. PEACE