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Mar. 10, 2008 at 8:56pm

Tacoma Tide website redesign

New crest now on display

The new TFC logo has been incorporated in a new design for www.TacomaFC.com

Looks good, guys!

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by Frinklin on 3/10/2008 @ 11:17pm
Nice... the new site seems cleaner, the new logo is terrific and I think I might need to get one of the new scarves. Very nice!

by GOALTacoma on 3/11/2008 @ 6:42am
Yeah, the Tide are really stepping it up this year. It's going to be fun. Home kick off is May 11 (Mother's Day) at 1:00 PM against Cascade (Salem, Oregon) at Curtis High School. Get your scarf then! :)

by Frinklin on 3/11/2008 @ 5:36pm
Hey, since you seem to be plugged into the footie scene here, do you know if any pubs open up for Prem action?

by GOALTacoma on 3/11/2008 @ 5:48pm
Doyle's: www.myspace.com/doylespublichouse

They've got Fox Soccer Channel, Sentanta and GolTV last time I checked!

by GOALTacoma on 3/11/2008 @ 5:51pm

They've been opening early for th FA Cup, with a $10 charge at the door.

I don't know about season matches. Give them a call.


Talking about soccer / fubtol in the South Sound!

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