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Jan. 11, 2009 at 4:30pm

A09 Double Dog Dare

I left this town for good, April Fool's Day, 2000.  Now I've returned.  Everything here speaks back to me.  St. Joe's oval windows, my point of entry into this world, watch me as I travel the streets.  I stick my hand all the way down the throat of the stone animal head in the Wright's Park Arboretum.  When I was little, my brother double dog dared me to do it, but I never could. I drink coffee at Satellite and miss Temple of the Bean's smoke deck. Everything is smaller now except UWT, the bookstore of which is never open when I'm standing outside of it. 
I wander downtown and shock myself by getting lost because I don't recognize the condo units I'm walking past.  In classic T-Town fashion, they are mostly empty.  Somebody's idea gone to waste. 
When did 6th ave. become the sort of place to have a spa?  I'm relieved the appliance repair place is still there, surprised that Shakabrah Java is, miss Cafe WA.  I'm nervous that Relo-kids are attempting to make my hometown into some sort of lil' Seattle.  I sense the whiff of it, the tideflats covered beneath Glade's "vanilla sunrise".
I listen to Girl Trouble's "My Hometown" and double dog dare myself to start a blog about the bodega, the happening, the superfund site, this place that I hated as a teen and am fiercely loyal to.

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