May. 20, 2008 at 5:03pm

Alfred's for Breakfast

I finally got to try Alfred's Cafe'. We chose to eat in the diner, although the bar area and dining room looked nice also.

We had breakfast on Saturday about 11 a.m. in the cheery, red, white & black retro diner. It was clean and the service was exceptionally good. Rebecca, our server was prompt and friendly. The cook was whistling in the kitchen. The food was exactly what I needed.

I had the Fireman's Breakfast: cheddar cheese omelette, 2 bacon (limp, as ordered), sausage, tomato slices, and a large piece of lettuce. Nothing was greasy and the lettuce was good enough that when I finished my omelette and was down to a little bacon, a little sausage, and a tomato, I was able to make a little lettuce wrap to finish it all off with my fingers. Yum.

My sweetheart had the Eggs Benedict with hashbrowns. Yummy and not greasy.

Both serving sizes were reasonable. We cleaned our plates and didn't leave feeling like our guts were busting.

I can highly recommend Alfred's for breakfast! I wish I had taken my camera, so that I could show you how cheery this place is and how great the food looked -- but I guess you'll have to go see for yourself!

Alfred's Cafe
402 Puyallup Ave
Tacoma, WA 98421
(253) 627-5491


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