Dec. 1, 2008 at 5:05pm

All I want for Christmas is a kitchen

My last entry about our remodel was October 14. I can't believe how little has been accomplished since then. Our general contractor told us recently that we would be done by Christmas. I just don't believe.

The new windows and french doors are installed.

(no the washer and dryer are not hooked up)

But the cool front door that I thought I gave the "go ahead" for, back in May, has not been ordered. So we have a temporary front door. Actually, we have two front doors. See?

Today, Dave put the handles on the french door and framed in the old back door. Tomorrow (cross your fingers, folks) the plumber will be here to put in the pipes for the new washer dryer location (roughly the area of gray insulation).

Dave is scheduled to frame in the new laundry room wall and doorway. Hmm, I wonder if he realizes that the old light fixture (still hot, obviously) is going to be in his way? He also mentioned that he might start demo on the old front wall. Oh, or maybe he'll frame in the ceiling around the beam that can't be removed as planned. He also mentioned that he might start tearing out the rest of the floor. Maybe if he gets here before 11:00 he can work for more than 5 hours. Maybe if he isn't here by 9, I'll start tearing out that front wall. He shared his lunch with me today. I suppose I should be nicer.



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