Apr. 27, 2008 at 6:51pm

Breakfast at Grassi's

Saturday Stop One

Last Tuesday, when we accidentally crashed Maxwell's, my fiance and I chatted briefly with the owners of Grassi's. The conversation included the claim that their downtown restaurant has the best omelets in Tacoma. Now, we didn't even know that Grassi's served breakfast as neither of us had ever stepped foot in the place. So, we promised to try it out on Saturday.

Grassi's opens at 9, and when we pulled up at about 10 minutes before 10, there were no cars parked out front. We checked the front door and found it locked before we saw the placard directing us to the back door. A quick walk around the end of the building revealed that they have their own parking area that they have made pleasant with some large plants. I can highly recommend using the back door, which leads to a set of stairs -- up to the restaurant, down to the clothing shop and florist area. We were the only customers, but were followed closely by another couple. After that, there was a steady trickle of patrons. The couple who arrived after us are obviously regulars, and it was great to see the friendly interaction between them and the waitress.

The upstairs restaurant has an interesting view of Pacific and we enjoyed watching the activity on the avenue. The most interesting activity was a couple walking a very large dog (it must be possible to live in a condo with a Great Dane) and a group of five bicyclists. The decor and music aren't my taste, but it is a pleasant atmosphere. The glass on our table had a few small spills left from a previous diner, but otherwise the place seemed clean enough.

My fiance ordered an omelet and I ordered the strawberry waffle. The waffle was a bit doughy for my taste; it appears that they use the Snoqualmie Falls mix. The strawberries were perfect, fresh and delicious. According to my sweetie, the omelet was "good, but not the best in Tacoma." It was a good size, not too big, not too small. The veggies looked and tasted really fresh: bright avocado and beautiful peppers. The cheese on top was probably cheddar, but he thought it seemed like processed cheese. The hash browns were simple, not stand-out. The "side of fruit" was two strawberries.

The service was friendly and sufficient. When we arrived, one server was handling the restaurant. One party left before she could serve them coffee; they were on a tight schedule.  By the time we left, a second server had arrived to assist.

We will probably go back to Grassi's when my grandparents visit Tacoma next. I think they will love the homey, romantic, floral/garden decor, the easy- listening music, the friendly service, and the food. The downtown location is great for visitors. It would be fun and convenient to share breakfast there and then tour a museum and walk over the glass bridge.

Before we left, we checked out the shop, which had mostly clothes for the fashionable, middle aged woman. Although, I have to admit that I saw a few items that I might be tempted to go back for. I could definitely find a gift there for my soon-to-be mother-in-law, including the greeting card!

Conclusion: Good, but not the hangover miracle cure we were hoping for. With some small improvements and advertising to the close-by condo dwellers, it could be a popular spot.



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