Jun. 2, 2008 at 12:31pm

Business and Bocce in Ruston

Thursday, May 29, was the second Business District Night Out with Ruston as the location. I bought a lovely sandwich from the Antique Sandwich Co, which I carried down to the median park by Don's Ruston Market where a bocce ball game was scheduled to be held. I was soon joined by my sweetheart and lots of other interesting folk. I ate my sandwich, with a tasty, handmade, old-fashioned vanilla soda from Don's. I also got to taste Rick's Green River Soda Float, which was super yummy and possibly addictive.

Bocce was entertaining and I took about 80 pictures. Don't worry, I'll only post a few here! But I got a lot of great shots that I'd love to share. So, if you or a friend of yours were there, send me a message and we can figure out if I have any shots that you might want.

Even the opening games were competitive. Check out Miss M using her body to measure which balls were the closest.

Attempts at distraction were made. But laughter did not seem to affect the accuracy of  Whitney's toss.

The course was a bit tough, being restricted on each side by the street, with a lot of tree roots and varying grass thickness. But the players had help keeping the balls out of the street.

I took a brief break from watching the games to visit a few of the businesses in Ruston. I visited two antique stores on the corner of N 51st and Pearl that are full of treasures. I saw linens and jewelry that warrant a return trip. I also stepped into the used bookstore for a quick peek, but could tell right away that I'd need more time to dig through the shelves. I'll definitely be heading over there to dig through the stacks as soon as I finish the stack of books I have piled by my bed. The district's night out was a great chance to visit a few stores that I had not yet explored and to meet the shopkeepers. I gained a stamp on my passport for each store that I visited and turned it in for the drawing. Rob, my window shopping companion, also picked up an espresso and piece of cheesecake from the Antique Sandwich shop, which he appeared to enjoy thoroughly.

When we got back to bocce, the final game, between Whitney and Rick, had really heated up. Their game went on so long, we missed the prize drawing at the Antique Sandwich Co. The score was amazingly close, but in the end Whitney won fair and square, through a bit of skill and a bit of luck.


I also was lucky, as I won one of the drawings, a Metro Parks VIP pass, valid until June '09. I'll soon begin blogging about all things Metro Parks as I use my free pass to visit the P.D. Zoo and Aquarium, Northwest Trek, the boathouse marina, a swimming pool, an athletic complex event, Fort Nisqually Museum, Tacoma Nature Center, Meadow Park Golf Course, The Centre at Norpoint, and, in December, Zoolights. Whew, I'm going to have a busy year!

The next Business District Night Out is this Thursday at Narrows/Sixth Ave. This is the closest business district to my hood and I'd love to see you there! Bocce will probably be held in the grass by the library or the fire station. This is one of the districts to which the City of Tacoma is proposing to apply new MUC zoning to encourage infill and increase walkability. Come check it out!

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by Ann on 6/2/2008 @ 3:06pm
What great timing for me! First Thursday night I've had free, and Narrows/Sixth Ave is my neighborhood. See everyone then!

by Erik on 6/3/2008 @ 3:49pm
Nice photo set and event.


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