Mar. 24, 2009 at 11:20pm

Color Dilemmas

As the kitchen has been shaping up, we've been moving our attention to the adjoining living room. We bought a new sectional sofa from Posh Home, here in Tacoma. I really like the clean lines, the compact size, and the retro feel. It is a little more blue than I was expecting though. The fabric swatch was accurate, but what looked like a brown dominated tweed really is a blue dominated tweed. We had already painted most of the walls a shade of beige (Benjamin Moore Camouflage) that ended up looking a lot more green than we expected - in some light, it even looks mint green. I've been trying to be less matchy-matchy, but the green and brown and blue has been making me a little nervous about our choices. Here is the sofa on the day that it arrived. (I'm not using that pillow on the sofa, I just tossed it out there to see how it would look.)

So, then, this last weekend, we decided to paint our TV wall a dark taupe that I thought matched the brown in the sofa pretty closely. We knew that we wanted to paint that wall a darker color to camouflage the big black television screen and hopefully make the living room look less long and narrow. We chose Benjamin Moore Roosevelt Taupe and, surprise, it looks like dark green in most light. Rick keeps telling me that it is just paint and we can change it if we really don't like it. But I'd like to give it a little time. I'm also shopping Craigslist and e-Bay for a retro TV stand/cabinet. That piece and a new plant pot should improve that end of the room substantially. Getting the trim installed will make a difference also.

Maybe this room just wants to be green?

These pictures were taken in the bright evening sun (southern exposure). I'll take a few pictures some morning after the trim is installed and also show you the cool end tables we got on Craigslist. Oh, and maybe by then the FLOR rug tiles will be here too!

Do you like our pair of pears? That painting, by local artist Sharon Carr, inspired us throughout our remodeling project.

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by Sophie on 6/3/2009 @ 12:57am
Hi Heather!

I hope to hear your news more with sunshine from your heart!!



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