May. 2, 2008 at 2:38am

Egg Salad and Soup

Mary's Burger Bistro

I admit that an egg salad sandwich and a tomato-based cheese tortellini soup sounds like an odd lunch combination. But how does it sound as a 3:00, oops, I missed lunch combination?

I've been wanting to stop at Mary's Burger Bistro and today I had the opportunity. As soon as I walked in the door, I smelled something amazing. It took a few minutes to find the source of the yummy smell, but the staff narrowed in on the soup after checking for something baking in the oven. So, of couse, I had to have the soup. But during the scent search, I'd spied the menu board and set my mind on an egg salad sandwich. I was so excited about both the soup and the sandwich that I forgot to order a drink. The dude behind the counter helped me out with some water when I realized, mid-sandwich, that I was parched.

The sandwich ($2.99) hit the spot and the cup of soup ($2.59) was delicious. The staff was friendly and helpful. I really liked the decor; I found it homey, cheerful, clean, and comfortable. I enjoyed the busy view from the window for a few minutes but spent most of my time reading the new Volcano, which (appropriately) has a nice big article about food lust.

My only complaint is that they use styrofoam for serving soup and water. If I had made my order to go, I'd rather have paper than styrofoam (compostable would be awesome) and for a eat-in meal, reusable bowls and cups are really the most environmentally friendly choice.

I'm pleased with my decision to try out Mary's and I'll definitely go back.

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