Apr. 29, 2008 at 10:05pm

Kind strangers

I rode my bike downtown today. On the way there, one of my handy bungy cords worked it's way loose and fell into my gears. I discovered this as I was turning left off Pac Ave across traffic when my chain locked up. I walked my bike up onto the side walk to figure out what had happened and was approaced within moments by a kind gentleman who appeared to be on his way to a meeting. I could have unwound the cord myself, and it took a bit of restraint to refrain from telling him so. But I'm so glad that I accepted his help, because he noticed that my gears are a bit dry and even rusty... I haven't oiled my chain since I got the bike in January -- and I've been riding a bit over the last month or so. My sweet fiance' may have oiled it once or twice, but he has been super busy lately and I don't think that he realizes how many miles I've been riding. And, jeesh, I should oil my own chain, right? And I will...now that I know I should! Actually, speaking of knowing how to maintain my own bike, I just registered for the Bike Maintenance for Women class tomorrow night at Pt. Defiance. Should be enlightening!

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