May. 23, 2008 at 11:06am

My neighbor, My friend

This morning I had a lovely conversation over a cup of coffee with one of my newest friends. I met her through Exit 133 when we discovered that we are neighbors, as in practically backyard neighbors. She came over this morning to meet my dog. Being the wonderful, wonderful person that she is, she volunteered to feed and water and let my dog in and out of the house while we are at the Gorge this weekend. As she left, I said thank you, but to my ears it sounded glib, so I wanted to publicly thank her here.

She is my only friend to have discovered my blog on her own. (Actually, I think that just one other "real life" friend knows of and reads my blog - love you MFHLM!) She is artistic and fun. She has strong opinions and she shares them willingly. She is a few years older than me and freely gives me the heads up on what to expect as I hit 40 this year, even if I don't want to hear it. She does not judge my alcohol consumption or my messy, dog hair covered house. She is friendly and kind. I think she is a wonderful human being and I am so blessed to have met her. I am looking forward to many years of getting to know each other and laughing together. Girl, you know who you are, and you rock.

P.S. The grease on the stove is new, we just finished making a huge batch of spaghetti sauce for camping. I know it looked gross -- it will be gone when you come back!!

P.P.S. Thank you again.

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by izenmania on 5/23/2008 @ 11:34am
Going to all three days of the 'squatch?

by Heather on 5/27/2008 @ 6:29pm
Just went to the Gorge on Sunday. It was great.

by izenmania on 5/27/2008 @ 10:05pm
It was indeed. Monday was the best day, but all three were pretty damn solid.


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