Jun. 22, 2008 at 8:14pm

Recycled Glass Tile for our Kitchen

Our Remodeling Saga, Episode 1

Since our remodel will be starting fairly soon, we have been picking out all of the stuff that we will need for our new kitchen, laundry, and dining room. We've ordered all of our appliances, cabinets, windows, and doors; chosen our countertops, fixtures, and flooring; and last weekend, we hand-picked about 27 square feet of tile for our backsplash areas.

Through the miracle of Google, I found a company in Seattle, Bedrock Industries, that makes tile out of previously used glass. My first visit, about a month ago revealed that Bedrock is freaking awesome. I cannot describe it in any other way. If you have any need for glass tile, mosaic glass, garden art, stone pavers, drinking glasses made from Corona or Red Stripe bottles, or vases from Vodka bottles -- or just need a cool place to visit during a visit to Seattle, you really gotta visit Bedrock. I took some pictures of the yard to share, but none of the showroom, which is also uber cool.

There are several guys named Chris that work there. We worked with this Chris:

He helped us pick out colors a few weeks ago, which we brought home and played with until we were sure that we loved them.

This last weekend, he helped us come up with a pattern that was random enough for me and logical enough for Rick - talk about patience.

Chris didn't stop questioning the design until we were both happy.

He helped us hand pick all of our tile from the seconds, which saved us some serious dough.

Then, we loaded it in the back of my little VW and headed home.

If you decide to go, take some glass bottles (sans labels) with you. Bedrock will pay you for them by the pound and use them to make some cool stuff that will make someone, like me, pleased as punch.


Bedrock Industries
1401 West Garfield St • Seattle, WA 98119 • (206) 283-7625 • 1-877-283-7625

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by Ann on 6/22/2008 @ 9:19pm
Your tiles look awesome. Bedrock rules! Do they still have the "seconds" for the concrete statues? We have some of their beer bottle glasses, but I guess I need to go back for the Vodka vases.

by morgan on 6/24/2008 @ 10:15am
Dang! Why can't we get something like this in Tacoma? I thought we were the center of the glass universe!

by thriceallamerican on 6/24/2008 @ 10:25am
You heard it, Tacoma glass artists... Want a little side profit from your hot shops? Morgan wants him some glass tile w/o having to truck it up to Big City. I'm sort of partial to the glass tiles too, and we're looking at a kitchen remodel within a few years...

(Obligatory link to Ixia Tile...I think they only do porcelain tile, but maybe Claudia will chime in otherwise...)

by Heather on 6/24/2008 @ 11:06pm
Recycled glass tile :)

Anyone know what happens to the glass that we put in our recycle bins?


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