Oct. 14, 2008 at 3:25pm

Remodeling the Pad

Now that the farmers market is finished for the year, I have time to get back to blogging about more personal stuff. My grandparents started reading my blog this summer, so I have extra incentive to keep writing (Hi Ming and Pop!). I started working for the FM on June 23. On June 22, I started drafting a blog about our remodel, which I saved but never finished. I'm going to "make it public" today and see how it posts - as an Oct 14 post or a June 22 post.

I don't really know where to start with the remodel. So I'll let some pictures tell the story.

This is our house in January

The inside looked like this

In January, we had the big tree removed...

...and got three bids for our remodel project. By March, we had chosen our general contractor and expected to begin demo in May.

Demo started in August and at that time we moved the fridge to the living room and set up a temporary kitchen in the spare bedroom: small table, microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, electric skillet and such. Our real kitchen was completely torn out. It sat demo'd for quite a while. The plumber came. The electrician came. A foundation was poured. Oh, the water heater was moved. We passed several inspections. But there were many days when nothing happened.

On October 1, the house looked like this:

The plastic to the left is the "wall" protecting our living room from dust.

Now, the outside wall is more complete, and the inside kitchen wall and island wall are built.

This picture was taken from outside the old front door, but inside the area where the new dining room and front door will be.

Here is the view from behind the plastic curtain, where our fridge resides in the living room next to the television. That will be the end of the island, which replaces a wall that blocked direct access to the kitchen, laundry and back door from the living room and bedrooms. The laundry will be moved further from the kitchen and the double doors will be installed where the washer and dryer are sitting now. The water heater that previously sat between the washer and the kitchen is now in the garage.

To maintain our sanity, yesterday we set up a little montage on our fireplace mantel to represent how beautiful our new kitchen, dining room, and laundry room are going to be.

Our island cabinets will be the dark stained vertical grain fir on the left. The cabinets on the stove wall and the fridge wall will be in the natural shade of the door on the right. Our countertop will be a pale shade of tan EcoTop and the backsplash tiles will be shades of green, tan, off white, blue, and caramel.

The floors will be "Sepia" Marmoleum. A big improvement over the vinyl that has been in place for probably 30 years. Here is the new, the old, and the older, revealed when the cabinets were removed. I was happy to see that the colors we chose aren't too far from the original 50's kitchen colors. It will be a happy day when that dirty gold and white lino is gone for good!


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by thriceallamerican on 10/14/2008 @ 4:49pm
I totally like the Marmoleum, but that original speckly linoleum is frickin' awesome.


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