Dec. 4, 2008 at 11:13am

Sunshine makes everything look brighter

I'm feeling more optimistic today. The sunshine helps!

Construction progress is still slow, but fairly steady. Our general contractor has been sick in bed since Sunday, but the framer, Dave, has been on-site for at least a few hours each day this week. On Wednesday, the plumbers were here and they completed the plumbing for the laundry room and put in new frost proof outdoor spigots. Dave said that we will be able to hook up the washer and dryer on Friday night, which is a nice surprise. But this means that the electricians need to come out either today or tomorrow and I'm a little skeptical. But it is really nice to see the laundry room wall and some of the new ceiling framed. Because of the beam that needs to remain, there will be a small ceiling box in the kitchen. And the ceiling between there and the laundry wall will be a little lower than the rest of the house. This was already the case, as the ceiling sloped down from the kitchen through the utility room and the powder room. Now the ceiling will be level in that area, rather than sloped. This way the beam will be hidden. It is difficult to describe, but once the ceiling is rocked and the cabinets are installed it should all become clear. Hiding the beam this way was my idea and the cabinet guy said it was a really great solution. We'll see how it turns out!

Yesterday, Dave removed part of the front wall. It is now possible to imagine what the dining room area will look like.
Today Dave is working on completing the ceiling soffit. Hopefully he will have time to also remove the remainder of the old exterior wall.

Last week, I got to visit the cabinet shop and see our cabinets. They are so beautiful! All of the wood is FSC vertical grain fir. Most of it is not stained, just clear coated. It will patina over time and be a bit darker and more amber colored. My sample, that was made in April, is looking gorgeous. The dark piece is the island. 

The back of the house is also shaping up. 
Rick and I plan to build a deck in this area soon. Eventually, the window to the right will also be replaced with french doors, but not as part of this project as we were trying to keep part of our house private and not part of the construction zone. This was only partly successful, since to meet code, new hardwired smoke detectors must be installed in every room.


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by Sophie on 12/9/2008 @ 4:16am
I came back, Heather! The title is a poem~
I hope more sunshine in your job! I'm expecting your nice new house. good day! :)


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