May. 11, 2008 at 12:40pm

Tacoma City Marathon

May 10, 2008

I just posted pictures of some of the athletes who competed in the Tacoma City Marathon on Saturday. I originally intended to get a picture of each runner that came through my intersection just past the 18.5 mile mark, but my camera battery died after 436 shots. Next year I'll bring an extra battery! I am so impressed by every single runner that I had the privelege to see run. I so wish I could have gotten pictures of the last runners, whose determination and strength was awe inspiring. What an amazing group of athletes.

I discovered that there is a limit to the number of pictures that can be posted on Flickr, so I just posted the first 24 runners there. I tagged the photos with the names of the runners when their tag number was in view. I'm new to posting photos on-line, so I'm hoping that I did the right things. I also tagged them all with Tacoma City Marathon and Marathon Maniacs, even though there weren't any maniacs in the first group of pictures. I'm just hoping that maniacs looking for photos will see my note that I have tons of pictures that I'm happy to share if they contact me at heather.ups@gmail.com. I just need a description of the runner (bib number, clothing, or approx time) and I'll happily search to see if I have a shot and send it on. The last shot that I got, before the battery died, was bib number 2666, Bobby Jones, whose final time was 4:21 at 206th place.

I posted 275 pics on Shutterfly, but then found that only 250 can be shared and each one has to be chosen individually. Too much work for a Sunday morning! I "shared" a few of them and will work on making more available to the public soon. They are here.

For now, I'm going to get back to enjoying the sunshine with my love.

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