Apr. 27, 2008 at 9:42pm

Tap into T-Town

Saturday Stop Three through Eighty-Three

Thanks to the announcement on Exit133.com, eleven of my friends and I formed teams to participate in Tap into T-Town on Saturday. We named our teams: Shaken, On the Rocks, and Neat. We placed 5th, 6th, and 10th(?), respectively. We wore ourselves out walking (and sometimes running) around downtown Tacoma for 4 hours, trying to outsmart the other 20, or so, teams.  One of our highest point earning antics was when Mole Woman, of Shaken, ran up to her apartment to get her swimsuit and then the team talked the Y staff into letting her jump in the pool (she has a membership, but the pool was closed) for the coveted picture of a team member completely immersed in water. Team On the Rocks got extra creativity credit for fulfilling the "picture of the whole team in water" by photographing the reflection of the team in one of the fountains on Broadway. We drank a bucket at The Rock, a beer each at The Swiss, shots at the Matador, ate a pita from Pita Pit, cheese sticks at Meconi's, and a cupcake from Hello Cupcake, and obtained an @$$ grab from the hostess at The Varsity Grill; the list goes on and on.

The day was enlightening on many fronts. For instance, did you know that Buzzard's has an R2D2? Or that the corner market across from Frost Park doesn't sell beer? That Harmon's Scott's Puget Creek Porter is the best freaking beer in Tacoma? That a Tully's employee would get fired if they were recorded on camera (or on the in-store video) pretending to drink from a Starbucks cup? That the DaVita (Sandberg) building is adorned with rows of trailer hitches? That people will actually pay $105 for a SHOT of tequila at the Matador?!? I personally saw four people do this. One person bought the shot to get points for their team, then three patrons already at the bar were inspired to try it.

Each team took a lot of fun pictures that will hopefully be posted on-line sometime soon. One of the volunteers said that he was going to send an e-mail to the participants to let us know where to post our favorite shots. I'm looking forward to seeing them!

This was a really great event. Everyone that I talked to said that they had fun. One team was overhead agreeing that they hadn't "had that fun of a day in a long time." Thank you, Pat Nagle for letting us use the Harmon, thank you to whoever dreamed up this fundraiser, thank you to the volunteers who made this event fun, and thank you to all of the sponsors (and their good natured employees): Varsity Grill, Print NW, The Swiss, The Matador, Hello Cupcake, Paddy Coyne's, Cans, Urban Tanning Spa, Pita Pit, The Harmon, T-Town Apparel, and The Rock.

We'll be there next year with bells on (our bikes).


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by KevinFreitas on 4/28/2008 @ 6:43am
Glad you had so much fun! We were downtown Saturday afternoon and saw plenty of the scavenger hunt teams hustling about to meet their goals.

Oh, and welcome to FeedTacoma! Can't wait to see what you blog about next.


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