Aug. 19, 2008 at 9:08am

Testing new produce misters at the 6th Ave FM!

Today, just like at the grocery, your vegetables at the farmers market will be kept fresh with a light spray of cool mist.  Actually, there is only a 30% chance of precipitation this afternoon, but the temperature will be perfect for keeping those fruits and veggies fresh.

Always the right temperature at the farmers market (thanks to the miracle of ice), fabulous cheeses, organic chicken and eggs, seafood, goat, grass-fed beef and pork are available as well.

New at the market today, August 19: Henna by Angi, Isella Bautista Farm, and a very local crafter, Traci, with recycled garden decor and pots. I'll be getting some henna work done; hopefully it will still look fabulous for my big date on Friday.

Get some tips on natural yard care from Geoff, who will have a booth set up near the corner of N. 7th and N. Pine.

In addition to local honey and lavender, The Bee Lady has beautiful tomatoes this week, fresh and ripe, from her greenhouse in Lakebay.

The peaches from Eastern Washington are unbelievably delicious right now. Stop by and talk to Brian Collins for advice on the best fruit available!

Music today, at 5:30, will be provided by Becca Rae, singer & songwriter, joining us from Fort Lewis with her guitar, beautiful voice, and touching lyrics. If you like country music, even a little bit, you won't want to miss this performance.

To my feed>>tacoma friends (Dawn! Adam! Anyone?!): I really need to get moving on filming and producing a 30 second commercial for the 6th Ave Farmers Market and I know that some of you know at least 50 times as much about this as myself. PLEASE, send me an e-mail or stop and chat with me at the market today. I need the advice, the support, the help!6thAve@tacomafarmersmarket.com.

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by fredo on 8/19/2008 @ 10:39am
Hope the weather is good for the market. We'll be there, we love the 6th Ave. Farmer's Market.


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