May. 15, 2008 at 5:25pm

Thanks for the Pizza, Pat!

It was so fun to see all of the bikers at The Hub on Wednesday night. I don't know how many people showed up for the event, but there was definitely standing room only in the bar and we had to get creative with bike parking.

The free pizza was as welcome as the purchased pitcher after the ride. It is so nice to consume delicious calories without any guilt. I figure the 10 mile (roundtrip) ride warranted the gluttony. My friend, SDay, works in Seattle and commutes on the Sounder. On Wednesday, she took her bike with her and on the way home she got off at the Kent station, rode for 15 miles, and caught the next train at the Sumner stop. Sounds like an interesting and fun way to combine exercise with commuting! I'd say she definitely deserved her beer!

The bike groups that organized the event had free flat repair kits and water bottles for us and one lucky rider won a $50 gift certificate for REI. The most exciting gift of the evening, though, hands down, was the new Pierce County Bike Map. Everyone was pretty happy to see them and there were maps spread out, being inspected, on most tables. Old Town Cycle also brought a bike to display. Such a beautiful bike. So light. And only $3,000.  I have more to say about the crew at Old Town Cycle, but that warrants a separate post.

There were some friendly and fun riders there and the conversation spilled out onto the deck. I enjoyed being surrounded by other sweat-encrusted, athletically dressed people -- no second looks in that crowd!

One woman showed me her Biking Barbie, who she saved from the side of the road. She found her naked and dirty, brought her home, cleaned her up, made her a color coordinated bike outfit, including safety helmet, of course, and installed her on the front of her bike. Barbie looked pretty happy to me.

Around 8:00 we headed down to Doyle's for Knowledge Night with some friends and I noticed their (new?) specials board. Very nice.

The service at both the Hub and Doyle's Pub was impeccable, as usual.

We had a lovely 10pm ride home and were snug in bed by 11. What a great night. Tacoma Rocks.


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by Erik on 5/15/2008 @ 7:53pm
Nice post on the HUB.

Hoping to see more rails to trails.


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