Feb. 5, 2009 at 11:07am

Two steps forward, one step back

So, it has been about a month since I've posted about the house.

Right now, the kitchen looks like this:

The cabinets are gorgeous. I would recommend Creation Cabinets of Tacoma to anyone. They are

vertical grain fir, which is a fairly local wood and they are FSC, which means that the wood was sustainably harvested.

The marmoleum has been installed but not yet sealed. We didn't get our first choice of color for the marmoleum as it is made in limited batches and our choice was completely sold out. We ended up

with a really nice pattern though, and it may actually be better than our first choice. The new hardwoods are also installed but covered in brown paper until they are finished along with the rest of the hardwoods in the house. So far, the guys from FloorArt have done really good work.

We've had some issues with the drop ceiling that was installed to hide the support beam that could not be removed. The new ceiling is not level, but that did not become apparent until the cabinets were installed. Of course, the framer blames the sheetrock crew, and the sheetrock crew blames the framer. It took over a week to sort out the best way to fix it, which ended up being another couple of applications of hot mud. The owner of the sheetrock company is doing it himself and it looks better already. I'm thinking that he must hate our house, as we asked to have the wall texture re-done and now this ceiling issue. The schedule for the final weeks of the project have been adjusted several times, due to one problem after another, but our general contractor insists that we will still be done by Feb 14.

The latest problem is that the EcoTop counters that we ordered are temporarily unavailable because of a change in ownership negotiation by KlipTech. Supposedly, all deliveries are on hold until the negotiations are finalized. But since we "ordered" these countertops months ago, our contractor was able to talk to Joel and work something out. As it stands now, the counters that were scheduled to be installed yesterday will be installed Saturday morning. I'm skeptical. The guys that are doing the installation are cool and this delay is not their fault. It was fun to watch them do the template.

Yesterday, shingles were installed around the front living room window where the framer (yep, same guy that I think messed up the ceiling) cut back way too much of the original shingles for the window installation. This new guy is doing a lovely job. It looks good. Today he is replacing the shingles on the back of the house, where we moved the back door and window. Then our deck area will look much better and we'll be able to start painting the exterior. Well, maybe when it warms up a little more! Speaking of the deck, doesn't it look fabulous? George Reed-Harmon did a great job on the entire project, including finding the Massarunduba at a reclaimed wood yard in Portland, designing around the house set at a funny angle on our lot, and finishing on schedule.

Today we are also getting our stove vent installed and a portable storage unit delivered. Next week, we need to empty everything out of the house so that all of the floors can be refinished. I was happy to find a local (not a national chain or franchise) supplier for the storage unit. I ordered it from the same company that does the recycling pick up for University Place.  It should be delivered today; we'll see how that goes!

Hopefully I'll be posting in the next few days with pictures of the finished siding, finished countertops, partial appliance installation, our new sink, and new faucets.

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by Ann on 2/6/2009 @ 11:15am
So close, Heather -- it's almost over! Maybe you and Rick should go on a nice vacation for a bit, just to soothe your nerves.
Seriously, everything looks great.

by Sophie on 2/13/2009 @ 9:32pm
Great! I think that you are a really manic about Tacoma!
You give many informations for Tacoma in real life.

Happy Valentaine's Day~~

From Chocolate :)


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