Sep. 2, 2008 at 10:32am

Uncle! I need help today. Extras, shoppers, reminders...

Today, at the 6th Ave Farmers Market, we will be filming for our first commercial. I think I'm going to have a heart attack. For some reason, the filming is putting my stress level over the top. I'm already stressed for multiple reasons.

1. It is the day after a holiday and to most people it feels like Monday, not Tuesday-market-day-Tuesday.

2. School starts, and folks may be distracted by their new schedules and forget about shopping at the farmers market.

3. I've had the normal string of e-mails and phone calls already this morning. Can't make it this week, we are done for the season (surprise!), can you squeeze us in, can you make this special concession for me? (Darn it, Rolf's Choice just called. They are sold out of salmon. Some in the smoker, not yet ready. Some arriving by barge tomorrow. Rolf will be back next week.)

4. Staff is changing again. I have less staff and one new staff member that I have never worked with before and who was hired by someone else. Actually, all of the staff was hired by someone else. Thank goodness for the dependable, supportive, hard working, and friendly, Don Izenman.

5. Our band is freaking awesome today and I'm afraid that no one will show up to listen to them. Our bands play to a barely interested walk-by crowd. Why doesn't anyone stop to listen, dance, or applaud? I can't sleep for puzzling this puzzle.

6. The unknown. Last week, it was a generator leaking diesel all over Masa's parking lot and Alvarez Farms having truck problems and showing up 2 hours into market and setting up in the fire lane. Oh, yah, and the band with just an amp, no microphone - Masa to the rescue. What will happen today?

7. Another new vendor, JLC Farm (Tacoma), will be joining us today. It is their first farmers market and newbies always take a bit of coaching. You don't know what they don't know until it becomes obvious that they don't know. They will be selling a variety of specialty herbs, some peppers, and possibly tomatoes. They have won awards at the state fair for their herbs, so it is exciting to have them join us.

8. Finally, amidst the normal chaos (that hopefully does not look like chaos to anyone but me), we are filming a commercial and it would be good for the market to be busy!

How can you help? Show up today! Remind your friends and co-workes that yes, today is Tuesday-farmers market-Tuesday. Hang around the farmers market, buy a few things, enjoy the band! Filming should begin around 4:30, as I asked them to film when the market is busiest. The Whole Bolivian Army plays from 5:30 - 6:30. Bring the kids, we have a great henna artist this week and possibly we will have face painting. And if you see me, in my orange t-shirt, tell me that everything is going to be okay.

Market open 3:30 - 7:30
6th and North Pine

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by Erik on 9/2/2008 @ 11:04am
Thanks for the update. That looks like a lot of work.

Saw a slew of signs for 6th Avenue Farmers Market driving into work today.

I am going to try to stop by today.


by dawntown on 9/2/2008 @ 11:21am
Ill be there with my bicycle costume on

by izenmania on 9/2/2008 @ 11:29am
Who is this band that is so freaking awesome today, pray tell? And what time do they actually play?

by izenmania on 9/2/2008 @ 11:39am
Our bands play to a barely interested walk-by crowd. Why doesn't anyone stop to listen, dance, or applaud?

This is a difficult one. I've played at the Proctor Farmer's Market a few times, and we go into it knowing full well that we are background music. We are not there to put on a concert, but rather to increase the overall positive experience that keeps people coming back and patronizing the vendors.

That said, we do often get people stopping to listen, some sitting and watching. I think that's partly a function of the timing... we're dealing with a relaxed weekend at midday. You are dealing with people who have just gotten off work and are probably doing their shopping before dinner. Such people are less likely to mill about and relax.

by scout on 9/2/2008 @ 11:41am
You forgot the big one - you just got married!

by jenyum on 9/2/2008 @ 11:43am
1) Everything is going to be OK
2) Congratulations! I think I forgot to say so on your other thread
3) Re: the bands. I have noticed this at Broadway as well, although with the grass and more space it's a bit better. I think it's pretty natural, people are mostly there to shop and look around and not necessarily planning on staying and listening to a band. It seems to be better when the band brings a bit of an entourage to set the example. But I think it's fair to just warn the band that they may be background and not to take it personally. (Except the one time there was the guy who sang the really heavy song about child abuse to the crowd of mostly parents/kids. That was pretty unfortunate.)

My kid is sick today or we'd stop by.

by Heather on 9/2/2008 @ 11:55am
The Whole Bolivian Army at 5:30 :)

Thank you all for your support! You have no idea how much it means.

And getting married was definitely the most sane thing that I've done in the last few weeks!!!

Okay, headed to storage and then to the market. Here we go..... (cue the peter pan ride at disneyland)

by AngelaJossy on 9/2/2008 @ 12:43pm
The Whole Bolivian Army is a freakin' great band. Oh boy can that Mary Beth sing! Several years ago this was one of the most sought after bands in Seattle (they headlined the Crocodile Café on a Saturday night which is something only the top bands could do). They have several albums and even have music videos. They recently moved to our neck of the woods so be sure and give them a BIG Tacoma welcome!

by Erik on 9/2/2008 @ 7:05pm
Heather says come to 6th Avenue Farmers Market:

by Heather on 9/4/2008 @ 11:54am
Hey! There is Valerie, of Zestful Gardens, buying cheese from Blue Rose Dairy. Zestful Gardens has their CSA meeting on Tuesday nights, just down the street. Pretty cool to see her shopping at our market!

Thanks for the pic Erik, I like it a lot.

If anyone is jealous of my market bag, you should be. It was custom made for me by Tacoma's own Studio Two Design, by Laura & Pat. They share a booth with Old Milwaukee Cafe at the farmers market. Delicious dessert and a cool tote, all in one spot - who can resist?

by Heather on 9/8/2008 @ 9:57pm
Hey everyone! I logged on last week to thank all of you for your support and got so distracted by Erik's photo that I forgot!

I really, really appreciate how many of you came to the market to say hello, do some shopping, give me a hug, groove to the band, and just generally be the best group of friends ever. You all ROCK.


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