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Apr. 2, 2008 at 7:21am

Biodiesel Coming to Central Tacoma

Larry's Shell station on the corner of 19th and S. Stevens [ map ] will start selling biodiesel soon. A sign out front reads:


Simple enough. Thrice All American noted back in December that springtime would bring this change and it's nice to see signs that this is going to happen. I talked to someone over at the station and they're going to start getting an above ground tank installed in the next couple weeks and start serving up fuel from it in a couple months.

I'm sure for any biodiesel users out there it'll be great to have another option in town. It's a bummer that drums like the one below outside Infinite Soups and City Lights won't be showing up in local pumps here since Standard Biodiesel, according to this comment, supplies Portland based SeQuential who has no stations north of Vancouver, WA. Still, it seems like definite progress in a great direction.

More "biodiesel" via FeedTacoma

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by fredo on 4/2/2008 @ 9:06am
I'm going to wait until we can get cars like the one in Back to the Future that run on nothing more than garbage.

by thriceallamerican on 4/2/2008 @ 9:24am
One brief clarification:

I think you misunderstood the comment re: Standard Biodiesel. It was saying that they are a (relatively) local operation–they are north of Seattle–that has an operation similar to SeQuential. So the Standard fuel isn't all going down to Portland, it is staying in our general area. Unfortunately no one is selling their fuel in Tacoma, though.

by thriceallamerican on 4/2/2008 @ 9:26am
Propel's fuel is made from "virgin" oils, for what it's worth. Vegetable oil prices for soy, canola, etc., are through the roof right now, so biodiesel prices suck.

by KevinFreitas on 4/2/2008 @ 9:32am
Good to know. Where does Standard get to the pumps? It's a shame if local businesses are selling their grease to them that it isn't able to be used here in town.

by thriceallamerican on 4/2/2008 @ 9:37am
I don't know where all they sell their fuel. They are based in Arlington, and it appears that they MAY have a pump onsite. The also advertise that they will do deliveries throughout the region.

With prices rising so high for commercial biodiesel (seriously, well over $4/gallon–after a ~$1 tax credit taken by the "fuel blender" to mix in a wee bit of petroleum diesel), I'm thinking of getting into a bit of homebrewing. I need to get on the stick to find some restaurants that might want to hook me up with waste oil...

by michael g. on 4/2/2008 @ 1:41pm
The environmental benefits of using waste oil for biofuel are a lot less ambiguous than using "virgin" biofuels. Those oils compete with food crops (or encourage plowing under more natural land, which releases CO2), use lots more water than petroleum products in the growing and production process, and some oils, like palm oil, are imported thousands of miles after being harvested from former rainforest areas. See query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=...


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