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Mar. 8, 2008 at 4:41pm

Confession of a Small Town Encounter

Reserving my middle finger for special occasions

Tacoma is a small town. Here's proof. While out with my good friend Gavin and his wife snapping portraits for his portfolio we had a great time. Gav and I are buddies from college and get along so well partially because we're both dorks and aren't afraid to show it. Equipment was huddled around me as he captured shot after shot of me with the Tacoma skyline behind. I jokingly pointed out that the Sun was plotting against us to steal away it's golden light just to spite our photographic efforts. My momentary defiance peaked and I turned around and raised my middle finger to the sky to curse the setting Sun.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining about 20 others at Frost Park to brown bag it. The lunch hour there was part getting out, part supplying some positive activity to the park, and part mingling/networking with people we know and don't know. I introduced myself to a woman I didn't know named Carrie who definitely knew who I was. Not completely caught off guard (due mostly to the surprising number of folks that recognize me from the earless icon at the bottom of my website) I took it in stride.

She then went on to describe her first visit to Johnny's Dock across the Thea Foss waterway from downtown. Her and her boyfriend stopped by for a glass of wine on a Saturday afternoon a couple weeks ago. Outside they saw some activity and flashes and a guy that turned right toward them and flipped them off!

Turns out that guy was me. At the time, I realized my error and saw a couple faces in the window of Johnny's that seemed to be reacting to my gesture toward the Sun as if it were intended for them. I tried to wave it off but didn't know of any other way to convince them what I was actually doing and shrugged it off to randomness that I soon forgot. Well, it all came flashing back at me like the strobes from Gavin's equipment that afternoon and I told her the story and handed out some dumb-founded apologies.

Thankfully Carrie seems pretty carefree and forgiving and all was well upon our first in-person meeting yesterday as we both played it off with some hearty laughs. If you don't believe Tacoma is a small town then keep this very true story in mind 'cause you never know who you may be flipping off, honking at, leaving a lousy tip for, etc.

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by jcbetty on 3/8/2008 @ 5:13pm
I've had many of those experiences, myself, though I think I kinda' was intentional with my scowls and foul gestures... Glad your outcome was fab! (and sorry I missed Friday, though I suspect I'll see you tomorrow!)

by cmb_98406 on 3/9/2008 @ 8:02pm
All's forgiven! Looking forward to more T-town encounters of the positive kind :)


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