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Mar. 13, 2009 at 7:40am

De-branding Galaxy 6

Classy. Yeah, kinda' looks like a bad nudie-mag censor job. That or blacked out classified info in a gov't document.

So what would you like to see happen with this building?

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by beerandhotdogs on 3/13/2009 @ 7:45am
Open back up as a theater so I don't have to go to 84th, or the slummed out Narrows Theater that this one moved to.

I've heard rumors of it planned to be a bar/restaurant that shows sports and movies on the big screens, but 'industry' rumors are worse than grade school rumors most of the time. I hope it will be more than a parking lot for the medical buildings across the street.


by fredo on 3/13/2009 @ 8:22am
This is sort of sad. I'd like a return to the days of single neighborhood theatres with interesting double features. These megaplexes don't seem very community friendly in my opinion.

by seejane on 3/13/2009 @ 8:36am
Don't forget the Blue Mouse! It's been showing movies since 1923. It's still affordable... every Monday tickets are $3 and you can still get 2 drinks and a large popcorn for $10.

by izenmania on 3/13/2009 @ 8:43am
Blue Mouse will be showing Curious Case Of Benjamin Button starting Friday... one of those movies that seemed worth seeing on the big screen but not worth paying Regal prices for.

by jenyum on 3/13/2009 @ 9:14am
It's an ugly building but it's much sadder to see it sitting empty.

I know the Waldorf School was looking for new digs at one point. I bet they'd do something more aesthetically pleasing with the building.

by seejane on 3/13/2009 @ 9:43am
izenmania... Regal prices, was the pun intended?

by NEAL on 3/13/2009 @ 10:00am
Mark today as the day that fredo and I agree with one thing.

See, it's possible to find common ground.

by izenmania on 3/13/2009 @ 11:09am
@seejane Not originally intended, but it was noticed prior to posting.

by fredo on 3/13/2009 @ 11:45am
Our family supports the Blue Mouse. I neglected to mention that. The Narrows Theatre would be a good candidate for rehabilitation. Also the theatre that used to be on 6th Ave. I think its a home furnishing store.

Thanks for your comment Neal.

by jenyum on 3/13/2009 @ 1:24pm
There's also a theatre in the Lincoln District, just off 38th, that was for sale last year. (It seems it was a church until recently) I don't know if it's still for sale.

That neighborhood actually gets a lot of foot traffic.

by ensie on 3/13/2009 @ 7:42pm
And there is also the awesomeness that is The Grand.


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