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Mar. 19, 2008 at 3:10pm

Delin St. Overpass Now Open

One of the two new I-5 overpasses from and to downtown is now open for use. You can now cruise straight down Tacoma Ave. and over I-5 without detour down to Pacific. Crews cut the ribbon Monday with students from nearby Holy Rosary school on-hand and even had the structure blessed.

It's a plenty smooth right with two lanes in either direction and the sidewalks are ample for the walking without feeling like you might topple over onto the freeway below. No bike lanes but the shoulder strip should keep cyclists feeling pretty secure.

Thanks to the crews for all the hard work I'm sure went into this. Gave one worker a thumbs up as I crossed over today and he returned the gesture.

Link to WSDOT press release and some great WSDOT photos of the event on Flickr

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by Erik on 3/19/2008 @ 3:13pm
Yes. The ribbon cutting pictures are in the Feed.

by Jake on 3/19/2008 @ 3:29pm
Does anyone know if when they built these bridges they took any consideration for future streetcars/light rail? I would think Yakima would be one of the best ways of streetcars crossing I-5.

by KevinFreitas on 3/19/2008 @ 3:36pm
There's plenty of room on this bridge I would think. We should have Morgan mock up a streetcar on the new overpass with his mad Photoshop skilzl33thax0r! ;)

by Nick K. on 3/19/2008 @ 7:02pm
I was just going to mention the streetcar situation. Delin street, for those who know their Tacoma traction lines, was the Yakima Ave, G St, M St. connection from downtown. In fact, from your picture above, this was the view that the overcrowded 4th of July, 1900, streetcar had as it lost traction and plunged into the So. Tacoma Way gulch below, killing 43. Of course, there was no bridge here at the time.

Below Holy Rosary, Delin St. is one of the very few places left in Tacoma that you can still see existing streetcar rails.

by KevinFreitas on 3/19/2008 @ 7:56pm
Thanks for the insight, Nick. Here's a pic I took of the exposed hunk of old track:

Just gets my imagination going. Shame we couldn't just un-Earth what's there and start using it again. ;)

by jenyum on 3/19/2008 @ 8:58pm
ooooooooh I need to take that. I have been driving up and down Yakima all week. It rocks to be able to get to and from the South End so easily, finally. I don't think there's been a way to do that since I've moved here.

by KevinFreitas on 3/20/2008 @ 6:57am
Yea, it's nice to have those connections to that area again. I used to take Yakima from the North Slope all the way out to PLU when I still worked out there. Even though it was on 30 MPH it was smooth and steady the entire way unlike the freeway. Made for a relaxing drive in.


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