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Nov. 21, 2008 at 10:15am

Dirty Bostwick

The Broadway face of the Bostwick building is looking pretty shabby lately. There's a definitely mildew/ick on it that's just not at all attractive especially considering the cute paint job and great shape of the structure itself.

Maybe Dave L. and I can dawn our Frost Park cleaning gear and get on it. ;)

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by Erik Hanberg on 11/21/2008 @ 10:32am
It's pretty bad. I lived there 6 years ago and it was bad--but nothing like that.

by Nick on 11/21/2008 @ 10:48am
It's got to have something to do with that general location. Just take a look across the street at the building the City is too emberassed to call city hall. It looks like the same stuff.

I really wish the city would just hire a crew for a week to power-wash the building. The architecture is fantastic, and that building could really be a much more iconic part of our skyline. Right now it looks like Tacoma's exhaust pipe.

by Nick on 11/21/2008 @ 10:48am
I've always figured this area must be in some sort of downwind "sweet-spot" from the port where a lot of airborne particles tend to get blown through. Both these buildings have particularly porous/rough surfaces that I imagine could easily catch hold of anything blowing by.

by Erik on 11/21/2008 @ 11:08am
Is it mold? Dirt? Pollution?

by judges19merescued on 11/21/2008 @ 1:29pm
Autumn molting?

by boearc on 11/21/2008 @ 1:44pm
Is is most likely a form of a mossy fungus (the same stuff you get on your concrete sidewalks). Given that the East-North-East direction of the Broadway facade - it is a natural to get this type of ailment (just not enough Vitamin D) - and the reason why you typically don't see al ot of stucco buildings in the Pacific Northwest. Probably needs power washing AND some good old fashion elbow grease to get her clean.

by morgan on 11/21/2008 @ 4:34pm
Ewww is right!

I wonder if the original finish was stucco or if it was added later. I've never understood stucco in the Northwest. Must be those crazy Californians.

by Nick K. on 11/21/2008 @ 6:04pm
I've thought the same thing for the past five or six years. The formation of the mold is a combination of factors, but the simple explanation (as boearc pointed out) is its location and orientation. The east face hardly gets any direct sun. In the summer the sun rises too far to the north and rises too quickly. In the winter it doesn't reach high enough during the morning hours and moves too quickly to the south during the day. In contrast the West-Southwest side sees constant mid late afternoon direct sun most months of the year; its sunbleached face looks fine, except for the poor varnished oak doors.
I don't believe they should have painted the stucco; maybe just gussied up the trim. The original, unpainted, medium-dark tan color did not show as easily. And to answer your question, Morgan, the original 1880's finish was wood. I believe they added the Duralite stucco sometime in the early 1920's.

by NineInchNachos on 11/21/2008 @ 8:16pm
they picked the wrong color. mcdonalds yellow? please. shoulda been a nice flat olive drab.

by Dave_L on 11/22/2008 @ 2:08am
(I know you're way ahead of me on this, Morgan.)



(TPL, ca. 1889 & 1890)

by Dave_L on 11/22/2008 @ 2:11am
Oh, per The TPL Buildings Index,

"-bldg. exterior faced with "Duralite" stucco in 1924 remodeling"

TDL 7/13/1924 p.E8 Broadway gets Duralite block ("first business block in Southwest Washington to bear a Duralite exterior")



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