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Jan. 11, 2013 at 8:28am

DotG Bike Committee Meeting for Jan. 2013

I joined other local bike commuters and enthusiasts this Wednesday night at The Hub for our first Downtown on the Go bike committee meeting. The group came together at the behest of Kristina Walker, manger of DotG and consisted of local and remote commuters other varied experience. Our task is to usher forward and refine initiatives already in place in DotG's plan to increase the bike commuter split from less than 1% to 2% of overall commuters by 2015.

Here are the focal points that came out of this meeting we plan to tackle:

  • Update the local bike Google map with routes, parking, red flags, etc. (and use this to update the printed map)
  • Better communicate where free and paid bike parking is in downtown and get more bike parking installed
  • Create guidelines for a mentor-like bike buddy program
  • Work with the City on more bike wayfinding signage that matches established design guidelines
  • Use a new common Twitter hash tag #bike253 for anything Tacoma/Pierce County bike-related
We meet each month so let me know anytime if there's something I should bring up to help make biking downtown a safer, better experience for you.

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by JesseHillFan on 1/11/2013 @ 8:03pm
In case you haven't seen this before here on feedtacoma I will mention this again.No,I don't work for these people but want the cycling community to know of this as it's a fairly new revolutionary machine.The low cost is also what's extremely attractive though it might be out of range of some cyclists.
I hear that they may have financing,trade in's allowed though in the future so by that I will likely get one.

I don't mean to high jack your thread Kevin.By the way this would be perfect to transport heavy goods to downtown Tacoma which would be somewhat difficult with a bicycle and trailer.By the way I don't commute in downtown Tacoma but would be interested in perhaps joining that group that you mentioned.

 By the way here is the coolest quasi bike-car  that's coming out.I think that Quadracycles (4 wheel bicycle type cars) are classified as cars in this state so this is 3 wheel and is legal here.The most inexpensive neatest pedaled or not car replacement that I have seen so far.Unlike a regular bicycle this can carry 350 pounds of cargo on board in addition to the rider,it has a 1 horsepower (750 watt) electric motor with a 480 watt hour lithium ion battery is both solar and plug in charged.They claim a 30 mile range (probably most ideal conditions) however with our hills I believe 10 miles is more like it here on average though one could probably add in extra batteries for more range.Also it has a CVT rather than a freewheel so no clunky gear shifting,has disk brakes has been tested on those ungodly steep San Francisco hills,the motor will power it legally to 20 mph but is easily pedaled to 35 to 40 mph.It's fast,faster than most bicycles.Being a human hybrid electric motorized Velomobile with recumbent seating  it has weather protection and is more aerodynamic than an ordinary Bicycle with less drag.
It's proudly truly made  in the U.S.A.in Durham North Carolina I think. Unlike European Velomobiles costing $10,000 or so this is incredibly only a meager $4,000 so those drooling for one of those too costly commercial Velomobiles might now be able to actually get one.
A bicycle can't be a true car replacement but this can for the most part however I wouldn't ride this on a highway so it's more a city car replacement although designed for single occupancy.It's much taller than other Velomobiles being 5 feet tall so it's taller than some passenger cars so unlike other Velomobiles you can be easily seen.It's also 8 feet long and 3 and a half feet wide so it would fit on a sidewalk too..It gets the energy equivalency of 1,800 MPGe so your carbon emissions are infinitesimal compared to a car plus here where 93% of our electricity is produced by hydroelectric sources,4% nuclear,2 % Coal based and 1% other in Tacoma the carbon footprint should be close to near nothing charging this thing.It's truly a environmentally sustainable vehicle even if it were charged solely by a Coal Power Plant. Also it has headlights,turn indicators, brake lights too.
If you're hardcore into cycling for transportation and commuting this solves many of the lack of features that a bicycle doesn't have compared to a car.Pedal when you want to pedal,pedal along with the electric motor or just use the motor.It just made it's Kickstarter goal and 340 units were previously ordered.It may look like a big silly Tonka toy but however silly it looks what really matters is how practical,versatile and ultra efficient it is.Having dual propulsion comes in handy in case one is too tired or the battery runs down.If you're out of gas in a car or the engine has probelms you can't push it home unlike thisIt's called the ELF by Organic Transit.
As a recent cyclist active travel commuter this is the most amazing cycling machine and practical city car replacement that I have ever heard of in my opinion though I haven't seen one or had the experience of riding one in person.
Here are some links



and for videos

my favorite video (a ride in one)

They also have a truck version planned to come out later which is capable for carrying much heavier cargo too I think like 800 or is it 850 pounds (can't remember from previously glancing at it at their website).
This is a safer riding machine as one sits in the recumbent position like sitting in a car.  .


by Downtown On the Go on 1/16/2013 @ 10:28am
Thanks for posting, Kevin. Looking forward to working with this group this year! So many great things happening in Tacoma.


Although I have another home on the web I thought it might be nice to lead by example a bit and put this blog system up to the test myself.

So far, so good... Funny how I build web tools for other people that are far better than the one's I have setup over on KFnet.


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